Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #209
Posted: September 15, 2010

PSALM 59:6-13


Let us look again this week at Psalm 59: 6-13. These verses will take us through the second stanza that he ends with the word Selah. Remember from our title that this is written during the days when Saul's death squad has surrounded David's house for to kill him.

I would title this section beware of the howling dogs. In the midst of this descriptive narrative of what Saulís henchmen are like, David weaves some of the most powerful truths of what God is like in the midst. When our circumstances are near impossible let us turn our thoughts toward what our God is like. In verses 6-7 David describes them as howling dogs and crude men who sit around and belch out with their mouth. Their lips spew out words that are like a sword. Let us remember in the narrative David's wife Michael has made an image of David in the bed of pillows and goats hair to trick these men. They are enraged with the trick. As they sit around belching and cursing with every breath one must have said, can anyone hear us? May I remind us there is a God who is listening? It was so for them that this God was keeping the record of the words said against His darling David. Let us not forget we will give an account for every idle word we speak. It seems with them that this was a fact, when men have none to call them to account, there is no accounting for what they will do.

In verse eight I find that God is laughing. As our Lord listens to their plans and schemes, He laughs out loud. Proverbs said for the one who walks afar from Him, He will laugh when their trouble comes. In verse nine we find that God is defending. David says I'll wait for God for he is my defense. That is a present tense and right now defense. As David found Him to be a defense, He will be no less for us. The word defense means a place to resort to in time of trouble. The way trouble keeps coming lately, I think I will just move into this place and settle down.

I noticed in verses 10-12 He is a God who is a letting. David speaks of God letting him have mercy by letting him see the destruction of his enemies. David says they are brought down because of their pride. One writer said that David's enemies were a cursed cursing company of curs. As vile, strong, and wicked as the henchmen of Saul were they were no match for David's God.

I am glad today we have a God who is listening, laughing, defending, letting, and ruling over all. Let us remember our God Reigns, our God Reigns, and our God Reigns. He is the God who was, He is, and shall ever be. There has never been a time when He was not and there shall never be a time when He is not. The Bible writer said if you come to Him you must believe that He is, Selah, well what you think about that.