Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #208
Posted: September 15, 2010

PSALM 59:1-5


Let us begin this week to study a new Psalm which is Psalm 59. Let us see first the tragedy before David in the fact of being surrounded by Saulís death squad. We find in the title the Hebrew word Altaschith which means destroy not. This is a great promise to all that Satan cannot destroy them whom God preserves. God chose to preserve His prophet by feeding him by ravens flying in the food. This is a bird that would normally peck out the eyes of a human. In the title we also find the Hebrew word Michtam which means a Psalm of instruction. There is much promise to be laid hold of in this Psalm as an instruction for our times of tragedy.

David in the midst of this tragedy cries out for deliverance. The word delivers means to snatch away into a refuge. I love the way David lays side by side the phrases my enemies and my God. I see the word O is mentioned which is a word of desperation. This word adds the earnest part making our prayers more effectual. The word defends means to be lifted up into a high tower of safety. The cry says as my enemies rise up, take me up higher than them. Let us remember that Saul had more to fear in this tragedy than David, because David has brought the unconquerable weapon of prayer into the battle. Instead of telling our God about how big our enemies are, let us tell our enemies how big our God is.

Let us look in verses 3-4 at the truth for beseeching by David. The phrase David uses, lie in wait, is a phrase that speaks of a beast waiting to pounce in death upon his prey. While David's enemies lie in the posture of death, David turns to the posture of prayer. There is no comparison in these two positions. Let us be assured God waits to be gracious to those who seek for His help. All of the enemies of David have surrounded his home in hopes of catching a glimpse of his death. David first of all lays the truth of his own innocence before God in the phrase he says, I have done no transgressions or sins. In verse four he is so sure of his innocence he lays it before God once again. David pleads for God to awake with help. I am sure that David was well aware of the fact that God neither sleeps nor slumbers. I think it is more the idea of a giant that is sleeping and David wants to startle him into coming with help. In the last word of verse four David shares a simple truth which is seen in the word beholds. David simply says to the Lord would you just look this way. We know that when God has seen and heard our petition, help is on the way.

I noticed in verse five that we have the titles of believing through David. He uses the word Lord which is Jehovah, the great I Am, and the one who is all sufficient of Himself. He also uses the title Jehovah Sabboth, which is translated the Lord of host. The phrase Lord of hosts means the one who wins all battles before he fights them. I would not mind a flight with anyone, if I knew I would win before we started. The title God is used which is Elohim, which means the plural of God that indicates the Trinity. The word means the God who makes all things from nothing. The title God of Israel is used which in other places is translated the mighty God or Elshedai. The word is the mothering God or the many breasted God. David kneels and through prayer wells together the might of God with the rightness of God, which is an unconquerable combination. He closes with the word Selah. It is the word of pause which means to set and think upon these things. John Phillips defined the word best when he said it meant well, what do you think about that.