Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #206
Posted: August 17, 2010

PSALM 58:6-9


Let us again study this week Psalm 58. We looked last week at the keywords of the title of this Psalm that gives great insight into its theme. Refer to study 205 for these key words. We have chosen as our title court is in session. Those on trial here are the judges that have for a long time in David's day handed down the verdicts. We looked last week at the judges examined. In our day we have filled our courts, especially the Supreme Court, with men and women who have godless ideas and thoughts. Their ideas show up in their ungodly verdicts.

This week I turn our attention to verses 6-9 and the justice is exposed. The verdicts of the judges of Davidís day put them in line for Godís verdict of guilty of treason against heaven. If it was so in his day how much more is it so in our day. David offers six pictures of what needs to be brought upon them. I use the words of John Philips to describe these powerful pictures.

In verse six David prays that they would be as a disarmed lion. The courts of our day have laid great fear upon those that stand before them, while they were but a testimony of godless ideas. David said, O, Lord Break out the teeth of the lion. Let them have no more power, but may the tables be turned upon them for a verdict from you.

In verse 7a I find the picture of a dried up stream. They have come across as a mighty rushing stream of power to be reckoned with. I think of the Supreme Court, many of their godless ideas have led to the murder of innocent babies, the number of which would populate a large state in America. Lord, let this look of a mighty rushing stream dry up and be as nothing before you.

In verse 7b David sees them as a picture of a destroyed weapon. These judges have been powerful and sent forth great arrows of verdicts that have put our nation on a foolís errand. David prays that their own verdict would return and cut them in pieces. The literal wording would be to leave them cut down as the mowed grass.

In verse 8a David sees the picture of a dissolving snail. There was a snail of that day that would get in the cracks of the house, only to dry up and leave but a shell. David said let them become as the dried up snail.

In verse 8b David shows us the picture of a discontinued pregnancy. He sees a mother who has had an on untimely birth of a still born or miscarriage. David says it would have been better for us if some of the judges would have been aborted or had untimely birth by their mothers.

In verse 9 David's sees them in the picture of a disrupted meal. It is like a fine meal in its preparation, but then a major disaster comes and blows it away. Our Supreme Court sits in the midst of Bible verses and statements about God all around them and rendered many verdicts God would have no part in. God is long-suffering with us all, but rest assured He will render the final verdict and judgment upon us all even to those who are in lofty positions and have great power.