Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #205
Posted: July 30, 2010

PSALM 58:1-5


Let us begin to study Psalms 58 this week. In the title there are key words that give signal lights that we are coming to an important intersection of study. One word is “Michtan” which means a Psalm of instruction written and engraved on the mind and conscience. It was also addressed to the chief musician, which tells us it was to be sung in public worship. A third word is “Al-taschith” which means to destroy it not. It was to be kept intact for future use. I would like to look at this Psalm under the theme court is in session.

I turn our attention to verses 1-5 and the judges are examined. In verse one David begins to question the judges of his day and because of this they are undone. I think of the Supreme Court Justices Senators and Representatives that we put in place that have absolutely no God consciousness. We then wonder in apathy as to why our nation is quickly going away from God. David asked of these judges, do you judge in righteousness or uprightly. He is asking them literally do you look at things as God would look at them. Oh to ask this of our judges and lawmakers of our day, would be politically incorrect. David calls them sons of men, which tells us they may be in great positions of power, but they are humans and controlled by the sovereign God. Let us be reminded He will step in one day and they will be forever undone.

In verses 2-5 I find that they are not only undone but they are uncovered. In verse 2a David uncovers their wicked direction. The problem with our judges and leaders of today is as it was then, it is a heart problem. They do not realize they are making decisions coming from the thoughts of a wicked heart. The lady who stands with the balancing scale in front of our courthouses has on a blindfold. Many of our judges are blinded by a wicked heart. In verse 2b I find uncovered a weighty deception. Many of their decisions are weighed in the balance of what the temporal world sees as right and wrong and not as the eternal heavens see the subject. He who reframes from defending the right is himself an accomplice to the wrong.

In verse three I see uncovered the way of depravity. Lost people were as we all were, born in sin. We went forth from our mother's womb telling lies. If our judges and leaders remain lost they can do nothing but live and tell a life based on lies. In verses four and five I see uncovered a witness that is deadly. Our lost judges and leaders are like poison serpents. They continue to inject there venom into every situation. They are totally deaf, dumb, and blind to spiritual things. In our town I remember telling the city Council one night until four o'clock in the morning about the woes of liquor by the drink in a university town. They voted it in. It was like trying to describe a sunrise to a blind, deaf, and dumb man. David tells us in verse five they are like a serpent that cannot be tamed. None of our religious persuasion will change their minds. Their heart is fixed on bringing about a wicked agenda. Many of them are confident that which they are doing even though it takes us away from God, is the right thing to do. Let us be assured there is a God who can and who will one day reverse all their verdicts.