Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #203
Posted: July 16, 2010

PSALM 57:4-6


Let us study again this week Psalms 57, which is a Psalm of instruction, during the days when David fled from Saul in the cave. This week I want to look in verses 4-6 and the trials that oppressed David. I find in verses four and six the darkness from these trials. He sees this cave as a dark lions den when he says, I am among lions. Saul and his men are like a bunch of lions licking their chops in anticipation of a meal with David as the main dish. It seems the men have made a fire to warm themselves in the presence of the hidden band of David and his men. All David and his men can see is their teeth and hear is their tongue around the flickering fire. David sees their teeth like arrows and spears seeking to grind him down as their prey.

Their tongues are like sharp swords as they curse and belittle David the soon to be king over Israel. I thought this was very interesting in verse four where David said, that I lie even among him. This is a position of rest. David was in a place of great danger and yet faith made him feel so secure, he could lie down and be at peace in their midst.

In verse six David mentions in the darkness of this trial they have prepared a net and dug a pit for him. These are both terms used for the capturing of wild animals. David says that all of this has been done before his face. He has listened to them as they have made their plan. Then David made this observation that they have fallen into the pit and net that they prepared for me. Saul hunted David but Saul was captured by David on all the occasions. Let us remember God is in control of evil and will cause the evil stream to flow back to its source. We may sit at the source of the evil stream and see providence bring it back in retaliation to its source.

In verse five we find the secret of Davidís peace and perception in this situation which is Deity in this trial. In the midst of this darkness David introduces God into the dark. He begins to lift God by saying, be thou exalted O God. Do not miss the desperation when David puts an O in his prayers. The desperation almost always assures us of God's answer. David is greatly concerned that in this situation God get all the glory, lifting Him above the earth. My how giving God praise and glory allows us to lie down in peace in the darkest of trials. David closes this section with the word Selah. In the words of John Phillips, he said, Selah means, Well, what do you think about that.