Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #200
Posted: June 14, 2010

PSALM 56:5-11


Let us study again Psalm 56 where we find that David has been taken prisoner by the Philistines. He has been imprisoned at Gath, the hometown of Goliath. Let us look this week in a Psalm of instruction at God's concern in verses 5-11.

In verse 5-7 I find “God's concern about David's conflict". In verse five David says they twist his words and they think only evil against him. These are the forms of punishment used by the communist regime, in brainwashing their prisoners. In verse six they have surrounded the prison, but they hide in secret. They mark each step David takes, and wait like a wild animal to pounce in upon him, and remove the very life from his soul. These are situations we may never know about physically, but they may become very evident in the spiritual world. Satan himself seeks to destroy the very life out of the people of God. In verse seven David asked the very angry judgment of God to fall on those who have stood against him. What a blessed day when Satan will be thrown into hell, never to disturb the people of God again. The conflict may around us rage, but let us remember there is a God in heaven who has great concern for His people

In verses 8-9 I find “God's concern is about David's crying”. David reminds us in verse 8 that God mapped out all of his wanderings. All the days he had run from place to place, fleeing from Saul, God had recorded. David said every tear he had shed, God had put it in a bottle and recorded it in a book. David said when my trials of brokenness caused me to weep without control; I knew God would stand against my enemies, for He is for me. My friends, life may have sent you some rough roads of wandering through the dark valley of the soul, be assured our God has marked out your way and not a tear has been shared that he has not recorded in his book.

In verses 10-11 I find “God's concern is with David's commitment”. David said I'll lift up your Word. David has given an exalted position to the Word of God. May we spend much time in the Word during our times of the great conflict of the soul. David says that the commitment to the Word caused him to trust in the Lord. The word trust means to rest all of the weight upon another. He says because of this commitment he is still in the Gath prison, but he refuses to be afraid of what man can do unto him. He is not free from the prison, but he is sure free in it. When you know the truth, the truth shall make you free.