Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #198
Posted: June 2, 2010

PSALM 55:20-23


Let us take one last look this week at Psalms 55. We have found it to be written during the days of David fleeing, when Absalom his son sought to take his throne. David’s trusted counselor Ahithophel had sided with Absalom.

This week, we want to study, verses 20 – 23 were I find “David’s Authority” In a time of great trial's we must have a source of authority to rely upon. It seems to me the key foundation of this section is in verse 22b. It is here that David says, “He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved”. My, what an authority.

In verses 20-21 I find "David's Authority of Discernment". The one whom David speaks of here is for his Ahithophel, but to the greater than David the Lord Jesus Christ, it speaks of Judas. David as well as Christ had given the hand of friendship to their Judas. They felt they were at peace with them, only to have that same hand raised against them.

In my short 39 years of preaching, oh how many have I thought were my friends, I was at ease with them, only to find their hand was raised against me. Let us not be weary by these doings, seeing David as well as Christ a much greater than David had similar experiences. Is the servant greater than his master? The text tells us that they broke all their words and promises and their words are smooth and oily. Let us have discernment of the person who has honey always dripping from their mouths. Look in their hands there may be a tent peg or sword fixing to destroy us.

In verse 22 I find "David's Authority of Desire". In response to David's discernment it was his desire to cast his burdens on the Lord. It has been in God's plan to place these burdens upon us. How can we do less then have it in our plans to cast them back upon Him. The word cast in Peter’s Epistle is a fishing term, which means throw it and let it go. In casting our burdens upon the Lord we find He sustains us, which means to fully supply all that is needed. There also comes with the casting of our burdens, the confident hope that He will not let us be moved. Let us exclaim with the songwriter, ‘I shall not be moved, I shall not be moved, Like a tree planted by the river, Oh, I shall not be moved.’

In verse 23 I find "David's Authority of Dependency" David closes out this Psalm with the thought, I will trust in thee. My, what a place of total dependency. It is from this position we will see God bring his enemies down to the pit of destruction. Those who have stood up against God, his man and people will not live out half their lives. Both Judas and Ahithophel hang themselves and died as men in their early years of life. When one stands against God, his man, or people they should realize they are beating a drum beat to an early, premature grave. Let me always be found standing with God, his man and people. That, my friend, is our authority.