Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #195
Posted: April 20, 2010

PSALM 55:9-11


Let us look again at Psalm 55. It is our belief that this Psalm was written when Absalom tried to take the throne from his Father David. One of David’s closest friends and counselors, Ahithopel, sided with Absalom.

This week we turn to verses 9-11 where we find ‘David’s Anathema’ upon this situation. This section is what we call a precatory Psalm. The word means asking, recommending, expressing a wish, request or entreaty of judgment upon another. The word ‘Anathema’ carries with it the idea of let them be accursed.

In verse 9 I find ‘The Recompense of Anathema’. In our text David asks God to destroy his enemies Absolam and Ahithopel. The word ‘destroy’ means to take away, swallow up, cover over, eat up, or make a total end of. David’s request leaves no room for mercy for these two. Both of these men met with horrible ends. Ahithopel hung himself in II Samuel 24, and Absalom was caught in a tree by his hair and one of David’s army captains shot poison darts in his heart. I would not want anyone of David’s caliber praying against me. David also prayed in the Anathema prayer that God would ‘divide their tongues’. David said he had seen in them strife and violence. They were planning a thousand different mad projects to overthrow King David and for this he prayed divide their tongues. He asked God to raise up a Babel debate among them and cause them to have conflicting opinions. My, how David’s prayer was heard and answered.

In verse 10 we are confronted with ‘The Request For Anathema’. David said that night and even in the light of day they go openly and in secret groups to plan their mischief. Oh, as David saw this planning to divide his beloved city what sorrow of heart it brought to him. The word ‘mischief’ means to pant and exert oneself after wickedness that in the end comes to naught.

There was another greater than David who had great sorrow of heart over this same city Jerusalem. Jesus said, ‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thy children together even as a hen gathereth her chicks under her wings and ye would not.’ This still stands as a reason today for the Anathema curse of God’s judgment in the phrase, ‘and ye would not’. The failure to obey, follow, and keep God’s Word should cause us to look for His hand of judgment to fall.

In verse 11 I find ‘The Righteousness To Anathema’. We are told that wickedness, deceit, and guile filled the street of the blessed city of Jerusalem. The word ‘wickedness’ means rushing into iniquity and perverse things. The word ‘deceit’ means to be exiled into fraud. The word ‘guile’ is trickery or subtlety. These three vile things filled the land. The only thing our Lord could do was raise up a clear righteous standard in the midst of all the scum. Our God raised David back to the throne by no help from David and made it clear to all that this is my righteous Branch

It is so in our world today. It is filled with all the scum of wickedness and the only thing that holds back the judgment of God is the righteous remnant of God. One day He who is the true Righteous Branch, the Lord Jesus Christ, will stand and say, ‘That’s Enough’. It will be then that there will be an Anathema on the earth like has never been, but praise God the remnant of the righteous will be with Christ the Righteous one.