Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #193
Posted: March 1, 2010

PSALM 54:4-7


Let us study again Psalm 54 and the thought of great faith. David is living among the Ziphite people and they told Saul of his whereabouts. Saul has come down there to destroy David. This Psalm is written as a prayer during this time.

We have looked thus far at 'An Illustration Of This Faith' and 'A Supplication For This Faith'. This week in verses 4-7 we will see 'An Appropriation In This Faith'.

In verse 4 I draw to our attention 'An Appropriation Of Faith's Help'. In verses 1-3 David has been praying. Before he can even say 'Amen' there is an answer to his appropriation of faith. The word 'Behold' is a term of emphasis or the need to give great attention to this subject. The word 'God' is used to describe the one who creates all things from nothing. David claims this God as his helper. It is a word that sees Him as the one who hedges us about and becomes our defense. David also says 'the Lord' which is the title that means the great 'I Am' is with him holding him up. In I Samuel 23 where we find the Ziphites turn on David and in the verse before us we are told that Jotham, Saul's son, came and made a covenant of friendship with David. The son of David's enemy comes the day before and upheld him. Tell me we don't have a sovereign God who can bring our help from the most unexpected sources.

In verse 5 I see 'The Appropriation Of Faith's Hope'. David sees his enemy as evil. The word 'evil' is 'ponorus' in the Greek that is our word pornography in the English. It is the greatest of moral depravity. David has the hope of confident expectation that God will 'cut them off'. The phrase is that of a deathblow with truth. David waits in a passive, nonexistent state for God to deal with the anointed king of Israel. In dealing with those God has placed in authority let us be careful in putting our mouth, hands, or thoughts upon them in connecting what we perceive to be wrong.

In verse 6 I find 'The Appropriation Of Faith's Honor'. David offers a freewill offering which is an offering that tells God 'I don't want anything, but just to tell you that I love you.' He sings praises unto God simply because of who He is. Let us spend more time in praising Him than in pursuing Him for our requests of need.

In verse 7 I see 'An Appropriation Of Faith's Height'. David begins to call the things that are not as though they were.

If we look at the story in I Samuel we will find that when Saul arrives to find David and kill him, he gets a message. The message tells him there is a Philistine uprising that demands his attention. He returns to deal with the uprising leaving David to go free. My, how our God, when our faith is appropriated towards Him, can turn our circumstances to good with no help or manipulation from us.