Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #190
Posted: January 22, 2010

PSALM 53:4-6


Let us continue our study of Psalm 53 this week. It is referred to in the title as being a 'Mashcil' Psalm. The word means a Psalm of instruction. This is a Psalm that deals with the 'Doctrine Of Depravity'. I fear some in our day have tried to play down man's depravity by taking away the descriptive word 'total' from depravity. Let us be careful of a weakened view of this doctrine. Man is either dead or he has an ability to come to God of his own volition.

In verses 1-3 we have already looked at the action of the depraved. Let us begin this week in verse 4 and look at 'The Attack Of The Depraved'.

In verse 4a I find that the deprave 'attack those who are His people'. It seems like the depraved are without any knowledge or consciousness of restraint. They attack the people of God as simply as they would eat a morsel of bread. Oh, how the natural man of this world hates those who would call themselves the people of God. They sure hated Joseph and Daniel simply because 'God was with them'.

I see in verse 4b they 'Attack Those Who Pray'. They will not acknowledge God in any of their ways and would rather you not pray. Oh how they were enraged because Daniel called upon his God three times a day. Let it not deter us in our walk with Him though the world hates us, His people, because we seek Him in prayer. Let us be those who press on and pray through.

In verses 5 and 6 I see in our study 'The Advancement Of Deity'. I find in verse 5 'God Advances With Causeless Fear'. Those, the depraved, who have attacked His people, those He will cause to fear when there is nothing to fear. There is no greater fear than to be afraid and have no idea what you are afraid of.

I see also in verse 5 'God Advances With Carcasses Flung'. Their bones will show up everywhere. No doubt their bodies will be carried here and yond by the buzzards. He will cause those who attack His people to be shamed and despised.

In verse 6 I find 'God Will Advance With Conquering Finality'. The word 'salvation' here is used in the plural that speaks of abundance. This certainly speaks of a yet future date. Israel is a nation of God's people that have been attacked. Some have even called for their total annihilation. We are told in our text that there will come a day when God will bring forth in such victory that it will cause them to be glad and rejoice. Let us be assured that one day God will make clear to the depraved of this world that they are the losers of all and God and His people will reign forever.