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  Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #188
Posted: December 29, 2009

PSALM 52:6-9


Let us ponder this week our last study of Psalm 52. We found that David wrote this after Doeg killed the priest who helped David escape Saul's hand. We have looked thus far at 'The Enemies Confident State' (Vs. 1-3) and 'The Enemies Concluding State' (Vs. 4-5).

This week I draw out attention to verses 6-9 where I find 'The Elect's Conquering State'. Let us be assured today that it matters not how victorious the enemies of God become, it will come to pass that God and His elect people will triumph in the end. David is just biding his time until Saul, Doeg, and the enemies of God are brought down in time.

May we turn our thoughts to meditate on verses 6-7 and 'The Elect's Blessing'. There are some today who hate the word elect but it is a good Bible word. We always want to be guilty of using Bible words. The word means the chosen, those preferred above others, and those picked from a group.

In verse 6 one of the blessings of David will be to see the demise of Doeg. Oh, how one day it will be our good pleasure to laugh when the wicked are brought low. Mordecai saw Haman hung on his own gallows. David will see the death of his great enemy Saul.

One of the greater blessings of the elect is found in verse 7 when we realize that Doeg trusted in his own strength and riches. Wealth and wickedness are dreadful companions. Wherever we see a man great in sin and substance we can anticipate his end. Pride, confidence, and wealth are a trio that brings many into the flames of Hell.

In verse 8 I see 'The Elect's Beauty'. David sees himself in the midst of this situation as a green olive tree in the house of God. The color green is not the color of an eastern olive tree but speaks of it's continual growing. We find from David's words that he is growing because of where he is planted, in the house of God. David says that because I am a productive and fruitful olive tree I will trust in God's mercy forever. My, what a work of beauty God creates in His elect people.

In verse 9 we find David's mention of 'The Elect's Boast'. There are three great truths of boast in this verse. One is when David says, "I will praise thee for ever," Oh how praise will turn our cell of confinement into a cathedral of celebration. The other boast that David makes is that 'he will wait on God's authority to move'. Let us never take matters into our own hands but let us wait. The third boast is that 'he finds everything before him to be good'. Let us remember that no good thing will God withhold from them who walk uprightly. If you don't have something it is simply because God thinks it would not be good for you.