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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #187
Posted: December 7,2009

PSALM 52:4-5


Let us again look this week at Psalm 52. It was written by David during the dark days when Doeg killed Ahimelech the priest and his family who had helped David escape from Saul.

            Let us look this week at verses 4-5 where we find ‘The Enemies Concluding State’. In these verses we see one of the greatest matches of the wits of strength between Doeg and Deity. You can only imagine who shall be the victor.

            Let us look in verse 4 at ‘The Words Of Doeg’. There has been a little rhyme passed down through time that goes like this: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ What a great lie. Words are often very devastating to human kind. We are told in verse 4 that Doeg “…lovest all devouring words,” He had a taste and love for only words that destroy. These devouring words are the actions of the boa constrictor that desires to swallow down the righteous man. David says of Doeg and his kind that they have a ‘deceitful tongue’. The word deceitful means to fraud, be crafty, guile, treachery, and subtle. These were some of the words used to describe Satan’s words to Eve in the Garden of Eden. James tells us that no man can tame the tongue. It is full of deadly poison. Unless Christ lives within there is no bridle of control over the tongue. James says he found it hard for one to say they are saved and have blessing, cursing, and sweet and bitter water coming from the same mouth. James tells us if a man can control the tongue he can control the whole body. Who knows better than I the impossibility to control the tongue apart from being filled with the Word of God and the Spirit of God.

            In our title we find in the concluding state of Doeg, ‘The Words Of Deity’ in verse 5. David writing under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost uses four words to explain the utter destruction God will rain down on Doeg.

            The first is the word ‘destroy’. The word means to tear down and break in pieces. It is used of the destruction of the false altar. David tells that the destruction of Doeg will go on forever. The second word of God’s dealings with Doeg is found in the phrase ‘He shall take away’. The phrase means to sweep away your family, fortune, and leaves no evidence that anything of Doeg ever existed. It is a complete and thorough sweeping. The third word is ‘pluck thee out’. The phrase means to twist and to pull up. This will be a violent work of destruction on Doeg. The fourth is ‘to root you out of the land of the living’. It carries the idea of absolute destruction leaving not a trace of a root.

            Let us ponder in closing the word ‘Selah’. David is asking us to pause for a moment and look at the workers of iniquity as they are pitted with the God of divine justice. I tell you I see clearly that the workers of sin will be no match when the God of divine justice has His final say.