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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #186
Posted: November 17,2009

PSALM 52:1-3


Let us begin to look this week and meditate on Psalm 52. The title tells us that it was written at a very dark hour in David’s life. It was when Doeg the Edomite overheard Ahimelech the priest helping David escape the hand of Saul. Saul later gave Doeg the right to go and kill Ahimelech and his family. It is at this time of grief that David pens these words.

            I would like to divide this Psalm into three stanzas separated by the word ‘Selah’. Let us look at the first, which is verses 1-3, and I have entitled it, ‘The Enemies Confident State’.

            Let us look first at ‘Doeg’s Deplorable State’. I cannot imagine Doeg would boast in calling himself a mighty man. He is boasting in the fact that he, with a rather long sword, killed a number of defenseless priests and their families. I believe it is the ultimate of depravity for one who is without heart or conscience to boast in such a slaughter. Oh, how the wicked can boast in his fury and wickedness but let him not forget these thoughts, the fury of the sinner cannot dry up the stream of God’s mercy. It matters not if these priests are slain, their God yet liveth. Doeg has triumphed but God will out live him and right all his wrongs. Our world is full of evil men like Doeg who will one day breathe their last breathe but let us never forget the goodness of God will endure forever. Through Doeg’s wickedness he went from being Saul’s chief shepherd to being in a chief place beside him but it will cost him by being separated from God in Hell for all eternity.

            In verse 2 I draw our attention to ‘Doeg’s Deceitful State’. We are reminded of the tongue of Doeg that ‘deviseth mischiefs’. The word ‘devise’ means to weave, plot or fabricate. Oh how Doeg did weave a story together to tell Saul that would turn Saul in a greater way against David. The word ‘mischief’ means an eager desire to covet to see the fall of another. David said the tongue is like the barber’s razor working great deceit. It can start out to help you with a shave and then end in a great disaster by slitting your throat.

            Let us look in verse 3 at ‘Doeg’s Delightful State’. I cannot even comprehend one who delights in evil over good. The text tells us that he loved evil more than good. Oh, how many walk among us today who love evil more than good. They even see evil as being good. We find them in high places in our land. Lord, let me have a sensitive spirit for what you call good and a hatred for evil. Doeg was known as one who would rather lie than tell the truth. One who lies has great kinship to Satan for he is a liar and the Father of it. May we hate lying. Let us always be careful to tell the truth, the whole truth, no matter what is costs us. The phrase here indicates not one who prefers evil and lying over good but substitutes one for the other.

            In our last word of ‘Selah’ let us be minded of the need to stop and think upon Christ. Let us examine our tongue, our words, and ourselves. May they always be seen as being like our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.