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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #185
Posted: October 31,2009

PSALM 51:13-19


Let us study this week again from Psalm 51 and ‘The Sinner’s Guide To Repentance’. We will turn our attention toward verses 13-19 and ‘The Anew Of The Repentant’. I use the word ‘anew’ for it means to go out in a different way that you came. It is a definite part of the great work of repentance. When one repents God certainly changes our direction.

            In verses 13-15 I bring before us ‘A New Direction’. I see in verse 13 ‘The Lesson Of Declaration’. Is it not amazing that once there is true repentance and forgiveness you want to teach others. The best evangelist of the gospel is not those with a M.A. or D.D. degree but an S.S. degree. You might ask what is the S.S. degree. It is a saved sinner degree. Our hope in repentance is that our restoration will lead to the conversion of sinners from the slime pit of sin. Let our fall and restoration be the restoration of others.

            In verses 14-15 I find ‘The Lips Of Declaration’. One who is forgiven never forgets from whence he came. David desires to be delivered from blood guiltiness. This word implies a capital crime of murder punishable by death. He admits that he should be put to death but seeks the continual mercy of the judge of heaven. Once he is forgiven he fears to have any control or will in his life. Once he is confident of forgiveness his lips are opened and out comes a song of righteousness and praise to the one who has forgiven him. One should always be growing upward to heaven and downward in the depths of God’s Word. A great sinner pardoned sure does make a great singer of praise to Jesus’ name.

            In verses 16-17 I find ‘A New Devotion’. I find in verse 16 David mentions ‘A Human Devotion’. David could produce 1,000 human sacrifices of animals but God has no delight in them. God is not drawn to the devotion we produce through fleshly activity. Our Sunday school pins, our tithing reports, and church offices held, do not impress our God.

            In verse 17 we are confronted with ‘A Hallowed Devotion’. This is a devotion that only God can produce in us. David calls it a broken and contrite heart. A heart that has been crushed by God is a fragrant heart. It gives off the aroma of the Christ of Heaven. Oh, let us smell more of the Heavenly than the earthly. The word contrite has the idea of meek and lowly. It is one that has a low opinion of self but a high regard for others. It sees self as nothing and Christ as all in all. This hallowed devotion is only developed through much time spent in His presence. The true repentant sinner will not want to wander from Him. Victory is only ours when we walk with Him.

            In verses 18-19 I find ‘A New Dimension’. In verse 18 there is ‘The Dimension Of Concern’. David is extremely concerned for Zion. He prays that the good pleasure of God would be upon them. He desires the wall to be built around them. David knows that his actions have led to the hedge of God ‘s protection being lifted. He desires it to be put back in place.

            In verse 18 there is ‘The Dimension Of Confession’. David begins to offer the sacrifice of righteousness. The writer of Hebrews says this is the sacrifice of praise to God by the lips of giving thanks. We are told with this sacrifice God is well pleased. This Psalm, ‘The Sinner’s Guide To Repentance’, began with a sinner in need of mercy and ends with a saint giving thanks and praise. What a guide we have in our great Jehovah.