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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #183
Posted: October 2,2009

PSALM 51:4-6


We will continue our study this week of Psalm 51 and ‘The Sinner’s Guide To Repentance’. I want to draw our attention to verses 4-6 where I find ‘The Awareness Of The Repentant’. When we are brought into the presence of a Holy God it will make us keenly aware of many things about ourselves.

            In verse 4 I find David is ‘Aware Of Who The Sin Was Against’.  First of all in verse 4 David is confronted with the fact that not only is he a depraved sinner but also that he has sinned again a Holy God. It is seen in the phrase “…have I sinned, and done this evil…” What awareness for David to realize that yesterday I was a man after God’s own heart and today I am an adulterer.  Yesterday he had clean hands and a pure heart but today he is a murderer. I am confronted myself with the great damage sin can do to the life in but a moment. Another phrase that leaps from verse 4 is “…and done this evil in thy sight:” David has realized that all his filthy acts have been committed while Jehovah God looked on. May we never forget that we live and have our being before His face. David also said in verse 4 “…and be clear when thou judgest.” He could find no argument to stay the hand of divine justice if it were to condemn and punish him at that very moment. Oh how we are overwhelmed with a desire for true repentance when we are made aware of whom our sin is against.

            I see in verse 5 that ‘David Is Aware Of When The Sin Was Activated’. I feel much of our sin problem is a failure to realize the depths of our depravity. We love to make excuses for our sin and not to see the depth of our sin nature. David does not use his findings here as an excuse for his sin but a part of his understanding that leads to a true confession of his sin. He said, “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity;” The word ‘behold’ means to look at closely, deeply, and attentively. David is lightning struck with the revelation of his inbred sinful nature placed inside him at conception. David realizes that not only has he sinned but that he is by nature a sinner. He is not only polluted in his stream but the very fountainhead is polluted. All his natural tendencies are to evil alone. He sees the great tap root of his sin in the words, “…and in sin did my mother conceive me.” He does not desire to condemn his mother but to show the great depths of the origin of his sin. From an earthly viewpoint his mother and father were good people, he was a man after God’s own heart, but yet he, as well as they, had the nature of a fallen son of Adam that needed only the occasion for it to be manifested.  We came into this world dead with no ability to come to God of our own free will. Our back was toward Heaven and our face toward Hell. Only the New Birth will efface the likeness of the first Adam and stamp the image of Christ the last Adam in its place.

            In verse 6 ‘David Is Aware Of What Sin Affected”. There are two ‘beholds’ in our text and what a great gulf lies between the two. David sees that there is a lack of truth in his inward parts. God demands that true holiness dwell in him. We cannot produce this unless Christ who is all holy dwells inside us. God judges man by his inward possession and not his outward profession. We see one of the great affects of true repentance in the statement “…thou shalt make me to know wisdom.” This is a work that can only be done by the Holy Spirit dwelling within our inward man. We will be made to know wisdom. Paul told us that Christ is made unto us wisdom. The only hope for our fallen sinful nature is the new nature of Christ living within us.