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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #177
Posted: June 8,2009

PSALM 49:5-13


We continue our study of Psalm 49, which was to be sung publicly by the sons of Korah. They are a group of people that saw much of their generation destroyed because of arrogance and pride.  In the Psalm we find three doors through which arrogance and pride can slip in to do untold damage. The three doors are Wisdom, Wealth, and The Way of Life.

            This week we look at verses 5-13 where we will deal with Wealth. I want to share five little truths from this text of which you may add some meat to and run with.

            Wealth is a very sneaky thing. The natural man never seems to have enough money or things. In verse 5 I find some thoughts about being ‘Dogged With Wealth’. The man who has his eyes on eternal things need not fear as he walks the road of life. The one who desires more should be careful of iniquity dogging his heals. God told us in Genesis that this is where the serpent would aim for. Why the heel? It will trip us up and cause a fall of humiliation for the child of God. The possession of things and desire for more can be sneaky; having a bunch of stuff could be a curse and not a blessing. It may cause your fall and not your exaltation. There is a very fine line in between you having possessions and possessions having you. It is extremely hard to know when the line is crossed.

            Let us look at verses 6-9 where I find ‘The Dependence On Wealth’. In verse 6 the Psalmist calls attention to the one who trusts or depends in what he possesses. Let us not forget the rich young ruler who came to Jesus with the question of ‘what must I do to have eternal life?’

            In verses 7 and 8 we are told that we may purchase service with our great wealth but we cannot pay the ransom for a man’s soul. In verse 9 we are reminded money can buy you a castle here but cannot purchase a mansion over there. Wealth can give you great pleasure in heaven.

            In verse 10a&b we are confronted with ‘The Death Of Wealth’. The wealth of the wise and foolish man will not keep him from his appointment with death. In verse 10c I see ‘The Descent Of Wealth’. All who have wealth die and leave it to another. Let us be assured grace is not hereditary but the foolish idea about things and possessions can be passed from one generation to another.

            In verses 11-13 I see ‘The Durance Of Wealth’. It is amazing that when one has plenty he feels as though he could live here forever. Let us be assured our accumulation of things will not assure us of staying here one moment past our appointed time.

            I came here naked; I have made no investment of my own in this world. God has blessed me with so much. It was none of my doing. It was all of Him. I will leave here as I came, naked and with nothing but to be robed in righteousness. May I leave here clinging to the cross. Is your confidence today in what you have here or over there? Is your hope in what is seen or unseen? Let us say with the songwriter ‘My hope is built on nothing less but Jesus’ blood and righteousness’.