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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #175
Posted: May 18,2009

PSALM 48:12-14


We have been musing from Psalm 48, which is the scene of Jehoshaphat’s battle. Today we look at verses 12-14 which says, “Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the generation following. For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.  These verses tell us of one who is going around looking at the results of the battle.  The church down through the ages has been in multiple battles. It would do us good to examine the toll these battles have taken on our landscapes. We have already looked at three areas of study prior to battle (Vs. 1-3), presence in the battle (Vs. 4-8), and pondering after the battle (Vs. 9-11).

            In these verses let us muse upon the ‘Power Through The Battle’ In verse 12 I notice there is ‘Power In Walking About’. We are told in our text to walk about her. The ‘her’ refers to the church or the bride of Christ. We are asked to examine her towers.

The ‘towers’ are the foundation posts that hold up the structure. Have some of these towers crumbled because of the battle shots from the enemies? Let us examine the ‘Tower Of Doctrine’. From time to time I hear folks make statements that lead me to think that doctrine is not of great importance to them. The word ‘doctrine’ means the basis of what one believes about God. I feel we need to emphasize in these days the great doctrines of the Puritans and Reformers. The belief that God is sovereign and man is impotent. God has all the choices and man has none. God is the only deity and man is only depraved and dead. There is also the ‘Tower Of Deity’. One must look to see what the church believes about Jesus. Do they believe He is the God man? There is also the ‘Tower Of Declaration’. Is the preaching of the Word of God being lifted above all other church activities?

            There is also ‘Power In Marking On’. In verse 13 we are told to mark the bulwarks and consider the palaces. The ‘bulwark’ speaks of God as our refuge and strength. May the church examine their relationship to our Lord as a hiding place in a time of storms. Have we taught the new ships how to hide in the refuge of our Lord? The word ‘palace’ speaks of our homes or dwelling place. A church is only as strong as our homes. May we reach to see that we have men who are the spiritual leaders of our homes. Why is there power in this marking? So much is lost because we do not pass it on.

            There is also ‘Power In Telling About It’. Much of our doctrine has been lost because it was not passed on. It is only as we read the old writers that we see how far we have moved off true Biblical doctrine.

            I see in verse 14 there is ‘Power In Lifting Him Up’. Those in the battle claim the God of the Bible to be their God. My, what a claim to be had. To say the Elohim of the Old Testament is our God. The one who made all from nothing. The one who must be in the plural because He manifests Himself in three persons. He is my God. How long do you hope to have Him as your God some might ask? The text tells the time limit is forever and ever. That, my friend includes all of time and beyond. What is to be gained power wise from having Him as your God? We are told He will guide us all the way even into death. Once we are absent from the body, we will be present with the one we have looked to by faith. What power Jehoshaphat found by looking to his God in time of battle. Our God is the same God that he looked to. May our cry be, I have no might of my own and I know not what to do, but my eyes are upon you.