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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #164
Posted: November 7,2008

PSALM 45:13-15


Psalm 45 has been entitled as ‘A Song Of Loves’.  It speaks of the love of the Bridegroom, Christ, for His Bride, the Church.  We continue to look at verses 9-17 which we have called ‘The Righteous Bride Described’.

            Let us look this week at verses 13-15 which says, “The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold. She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee. With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought: they shall enter into the king’s palace.” We notice in these verses this thought of ‘The Processional Of The Righteous Bride’.  There can be no wedding nuptials without the wedding processional.

            In verse 13 we are confronted with ‘The Preparation Before The Wedding’.  We find in verse 13a ‘The Position Of Preparation’.  The title “The king’s daughter…” tells us that the church is a daughter of the heavenly Father while at the same time is to be a bride for the Son.  This is a position beyond our human comprehension.  All of this has been done prior to the wedding.  We also find ‘The Power Of Preparation’.  We are told the bride is “…all glorious within:” There has been inward preparation.  It will be so of the believer at that wedding.  We will have an inward beauty that is not one of faith but of true reality.  The bride shall be glorious within for she shall be in Christ and Christ shall be in her.  We will possess the likeness, virtue, holiness, and righteousness of the Bridegroom.  We will be perfect in mind, will, and emotions.  We will think perfectly, feel perfectly, and do perfectly.  There will not only be power in inward preparation but also there will be ‘outward preparation’.  We are told in verse 13b “…her clothing is of wrought gold.”  Gold speaks of our God’s deity.  The church will be in the likeness and express image of the Son.  We will be a mirror of the Son.  It will be a blessed reality to be able to say if you have seen the Bride (the Church) you have seen the Bridegroom. (Christ)  We shall come forth from the refiners fire as pure gold.

            In verse 14 we find ‘The Purity In The Wedding’.  We are confronted in verse 14b with ‘The Train Of Purity’.  There is a large group that follows the Bride of virgins and companions.  These are symbolic and a part of the Bride, the Church.  I believe they are used to illustrate the train of the Bride.  The kings of that day displayed their wealth by the length of the train on their robe.  In Isaiah, Chapter 6, Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up.  We are told his train filled the temple.  Isaiah said that he could not find the end of it telling us that our God is a mighty man of wealth. There will be no difference in His Bride.  She too has a long train of wealth.  She is a joint heir.  Whatever He owns, she jointly owns with Him.  Notice in verse 14b that we find ‘The Treasure of Purity’.  We are told, “She shall be brought…” This Bride doesn’t come of her own free will but she is brought to the wedding by God’s sovereign grace.  No wonder Jonah cried ‘Salvation is of the Lord’.  We are told in this treasure that the Bride is a ‘virgin’. I see here the confidence of our ‘Purity Of Heart’.

            We find in this comparison that the Bride who follows will be ‘Pure In Her Walk’.  Our Bridegroom will have a wife without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.

            In verse 15 we are told of ‘The Praise Of The Wedding’.  When the Bride is brought to the Bridegroom there will be “…gladness and rejoicing…” The marriage place in Jewish weddings is called the ‘bethillulah’, which means house of praise.  We see here the ‘People Of Praise’.  God the Father will rejoice over the sovereign plan to see His choice complete.  God the Son will rejoice to see the end of the travail of His soul and the birth of His Bride.  God the Spirit will rejoice to see the completed work of quickening and sanctification that was committed to His hand.  The angels will rejoice solely because they see great joy coming from the Trinity though they know not the depth or the why of their joy.  We also see in verse 15 the ‘Place Of Praise’.  The saints will be rejoicing with joy unspeakable and full of glory for they have entered the king’s palace to be with Him forever.  The promise of John 14 is now complete. “I have prepared a place for you…that where I am ye may be also.”  May we listen for the trumpet that will usher us into the wedding house of praise.