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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #163
Posted: October 27,2008

PSALM 45:11-12


Psalm 45 has been entitled in our Bibles as ‘A Song Of Love’.  It speaks of the love between Christ and His Church, the Bridegroom and His Bride.   We are dealing now with verses 9-17, ‘The Righteous Bride Described’.

            Let us look this week at verses 11-12 which says, “So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him. And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift; even the rich among the people shall entreat thy favour.”  It is in these verses we find ‘The Perception Of The Righteous Bride’.

            In verse 11 we find ‘The Perception Of Her Beauty’.  Our beauty is not our perception of what it is but it is His definition of beauty.  We find in verse 11a ‘The Desiring Of Beauty’.  The word ‘desire’ means to covet, to wish upon and to long after. The word ‘beauty’ means to be decked or robed with brightness.  In Psalm 27:4 David’s desire is to dwell in the house of the Lord and behold ‘the beauty of the Lord forever’.  We may ask what does the beauty of our Lord mean?  David speaks in Psalm 110:3 of His beauty being the beauty of holiness.  There is for the bride a ‘position of holiness’.  At the point of our conversion, God declares us to be holy.  In our position of relationship of being ‘in Christ’ we are as holy as He is.  Closer to God we cannot be for in the person of Christ we are as close as He.  I feel in our text the Lord is speaking of ‘A Practice Of Holiness’.  Our Lord desires, yea, greatly desires that our ‘position in Him’ and ‘practice before Him’ catch up with one another.

            In verse 11b we find ‘The Declaration Of Beauty’.  How can ones practice and position match?  This match can only be made in the great point of ‘For He is thy Lord’.  We must continually yield and bring all under the captivity of His Lordship.  We must bring every thought, feeling, and action under the pattern of His Lordship of holiness.  He is the pattern and we must match the pattern.

            In verse 11c we find ‘The Devotion Of Beauty’ in the words “…worship thou him.”  O, how the holiness of God in our life will prompt us to adore and magnify our Lord.  He is certainly worthy of all our worship.

            In verse 12 we find ‘The Perception Of Her Bounty’.  We find in verse 12a ‘A Faithful Bounty’.  The daughter of Tyre will come with a ‘gift’.  This is pictured in the story of the Syrophenician woman of Tyre.  Our Lord called her a ‘dog’ but she persisted in her approach to Him because of her gift of faith.  He even said of her that ‘he had not seen such great faith in all of Israel’. Our Lord will faithfully put within this Bride a people from every tribe and tongue.  I see in verse 11b ‘A Favoured Bounty’.  We are told this Bride will have the very richest of the world come to seek her favour. They shall see in that true church and Bride a people blessed beyond all manner.  They will seek to be in, under, and around that favour.  I see in verse 12 ‘’A Forever Bounty’.  How can it be that old, Gentile dogs would seek this Bride?  How can it be that the rich of the world would seek the favour of this Bride?  It can only be that the forever world has reached His unseen hand in and touched a people.  Is that not how all the parts of the body of the Bride are placed in this position. What a blessing to be a part of this body with Christ our head.  We truly cannot tell in this mystical union where the head ends and the body begins.  We are truly one with Him and soon the world will see!