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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #154
Posted: June 12,2008

PSALM 44:1-8

This week we will start a new study of the rather lengthy Psalm 44. The Bible title is “To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah, Maschil.” There are several things we learn from this title. The ‘chief Musician’ tells us it was to be sung in public worship. Korah was a Levite, the grandson of Kohath, who was dropped in Hell with his clothes on because of raising an insurrection against the leadership of Moses and Aaron. The word ‘Maschil’ tells us it is a Psalm for teaching and instruction.

            We are let in on what David did when the nation was in a time of desperation. We certainly could have learned thoughts on what to do in our own times of national or personal desperation.

            In this Psalm we are shown David practicing a “Time Of Remembrance”. I will not quote the verses here but have your Bible open as we study them. In verses 1-8 I see David pondering ‘What They Heard About Them’. He is looking at Israel’s ‘history’.

            In verse 1 we find a thought of ‘Generation To Generation’ in Israel’s history. David said he had heard with his ears from the fathers about what God had done in days of old. Thank the Lord for a father like Jesse, David’s father, with a voice to tell the old, old, story. Greater still I thank Him for giving ears to a child like David. I bless the day God gave me ears to hear and understand what thus saith the Lord.

            We find in verse 2 their history is a ‘Growth Of Growth’s’. David tells us the people of God were ‘planted’ in the land of God’s enemies. The word means to transplant such as the branch is placed in the vines. The growth comes when they realize it is not their victory but the Lord who has driven the enemy out of the land.

            What growth there is when we realize the battle is over. All wars have already been won. In every Old Testament battle that is fought we find the children of God either doing nothing, busting lamps while shouting, or just singing ‘He is good and His mercy endureth forever’ while God fights the battle.  My what a history to remember that will cause us a ‘Growth of Growth’s’.

            In verse 3 David’s history lesson remembered brings him to ‘A Grace Upon Grace’. David realizes that everything he possesses has come by the right hand of God. This is the arm of His power. He says it has caused the light of God’s countenance and favor to shine upon his life. This is none other than the face of His grace. His grace gives us the power and ability to be and do all He wants for us to be.

            In verses 4-8 in David’s historical remembrance we find ‘A God Of God’s’. In verses 4-7 we find David ‘bowing’ to the God of God. He calls Him ‘My King’ in verse 4. He has bowed as a subject or servant to his king and master. David says in verse 6 that he will not trust in his ability to wage war. In verses 5 and 7 David says if any thing is accomplished it will come by the hand of the Lord. He says in verse 5 that it is through ‘thy name’ that you have saved us and shamed our enemies. (Vs. 7) My what a powerful name the God of God’s has. No wonder David, the king of the earth, is bowing to God the King of all the heavens and earth.

            In verse 8 we find David ‘boasting’ in the God of God’s. David says I am going to boast in Him all the daylong. The word means to shine forth by being clamorously foolish in public. It is an earthly boast. David said that he was going to praise Him forever. It is an eternal boast. He is going to lift up his hands while giving loud words of thanks and adoration. David is doing on earth what he plans to do in heaven. He closes this section of remembering history with the word ‘Selah’. A Time to stop, change the focus, and say ‘Well, what do you think about that?’