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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #147
Posted: April 6,2008

PSALM 40:11-17

We have looked at this Psalm from several angles using as our theme “When He Reached Down His Hand For Me”.  This is a Psalm that depicts Christ’ dealings with our sins on the cross.  Let us turn our attention this week to a final study of Psalm 40 and verses 11-17.  I will not quote the verses, but have your Bible open as we study together.

            I find in this text it s a ‘Prayer’ from the cross.  I have called this section the ‘Prayer Of Withholding Not His Hand’.

            In verse 11 of this prayer we are confronted with a ‘Confession Of The Father To The Son’.  While on the cross standing in my place the Lord had withheld from Him the following: tender mercies, loving kindness, and truth.  All of these that were withheld from Him while on the cross are now mine because of His work on the cross.  The ‘tender mercies’ is the compassion and deep sure love, like the womb’s cherishing of the future.  The word ‘loving kindness’ means to bow only the neck to an equal.  In Christ we are as holy and close to God as Christ is.

            In verses 12-13 we have the ‘Confession Of The Saviour To The Sinner’.  When Christ was on the cross He became sin for me.  He who knew no sin became sin for me.  Our precious Saviour said that His heart failed Him.  He said in verse 12 “…mine iniquities have taken hold upon me,” Our Lord knew no sin but He says here ‘my sins’.  The song writer said “He took my sins and my sorrows, He made them His very Own; He bore my burden to Calvary and suffered and died alone.”  Our Lord says the sins are in number even more than the hairs on my head.  James said if we break one of the commandments we have broken all ten.  Every time we sin God multiplies it by 10.  My what a debt we had that we could not pay but ‘Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe’.

            Jesus cries to be delivered in verse 13 from the state of being made sin for me.  He cries for a hasty deliverance.  It should be for us if we have the least of sin that we cry, Lord make haste and deliver me from this sin. 

            In verses 14-15 we have the ‘Confidence By The Son Over His Enemies’.  Our Lord taught there that will be a reward to them that have wished Him evil, sought to destroy Him, or said Aha, Aha in laughter because of His sorrow and pain.  That same reward will be given those who do the same to His people.  Our Lord says with confidence that they will be rewarded with being ‘ashamed’, ‘confounded’, ‘driven backward’ and ‘left desolate’.

            In these phrases we find our Lord brings His enemies into a place of being stunned and numb with the blush of loosing and they retreat into a world of being forever lost.  Let all the world stand against us if they please but they will forever regret it.  They are not standing against us but they stand against God alone.  Let us be assured our God will have the last Aha, Aha!

            In verses 16-17 we have the ‘Comfort From The Sacrifice To The Seeker’.  Let our hearts be continually in a state of seeking and panting after Him.  Let our desire be to continually let the Lord be ‘magnified’.  Lord use me to make that which is afar off to be telescoped in close that you can be seen clearly through me.  I am truly as verse 17 says, ‘Poor and needy’.  There is no greater adjective to describe me but just read on, “…yet the Lord thinketh upon me:” He thinks frequently, fully aware of my every need and having power of care to meet my every need. I bless the day the Lord reached down His Hand (Christ) to me.  Can we imagine these were His words on the cross?  May our prayer be “Lord Jesus grant that in all our adversities we may possess like precious faith and be found like thee, more than conquerors.” (Spurgeon)