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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #131
Posted: September 28, 2007

PSALM 36:1-5

Let us continue our study of Psalm 36, which I have entitled “The Great Contrast”.  David is here as the servant of the Lord contrasting ‘The Natural Man’ (Vs. 1-4) with ‘The Spiritual Man’. (Vs. 5-12)

I feel it is my assignment to look this week at the ‘Spiritual Man’ of verses 5-12.  I will not quote the text here but have your Bible opened as we walk through this text.

In verses 5-6 we see ‘The Seat Of His Sovereignty’.  For the ‘spiritual man’ God sits enthroned in our hearts.  In verse 5a I see the ‘Rule Of His Seat’.  His mercy rules from the heaven, it is over all His redeemed.  Mercy is the act of God withholding from us what we deserve.  I see in verse 5b ‘The Reach Of His Seat’.  His faithfulness is the fact of His longsuffering and patience.  It reaches into the clouds David said, certainly beyond our measurement.  In verse 6 we see ‘The Reign Of His Seat’.  His righteousness and judgment are compared to the tops of mountains and depths of the seas.  His righteousness and judgments are never affected by our circumstances, as the mountains are never moved even by hurricanes.  Why, He even ‘preserves’ man and beast.  The word means to feed and maintain the existence of.  He sustains man, beast, birds, fish, and an infinite army of insects.  They all owe their existence both present and continual existence to Him alone.  O what a thought, for the spiritual man who dwells in Him redeemed, to consider.

In verses 7-9 I see ‘The Source Of His Supply’.  One writer says in these verses we step into the ‘Holy of Holies’ of the spiritual man.  We find in verse 7 that it is a ‘Sure Supply’.  We are told that the things of our God are ‘excellent’.  The word means precious.  All the things of this earth are a worthless, beggarly collection of nothing compared to His loving kindness and mercy.  They cause the spiritual man to run and hide with trust under His wings as the chick hides under the mother hen and the eaglets hide under the wings of the mother eagle.  To hide in Him is a sure supply.  In verse 8 we find there is a ‘Sufficient Supply’.  When we trust in Him with all the heart our house becomes the place of spiritual fatness and rivers of pleasure.  If we dwell in Him and He in us we dwell in the fullness of joy unspeakable.

In verse 9 we find there is a ‘Spiritual Supply’.  Spiritual life is in the redeemed, but He is the sole fountain of all spiritual life.  He must dwell in us in order for us to have spiritual life. If he dwells in us we walk in the light of all lights.  We need no candle to see the sun.  We cannot see Jesus by self-light but we can see self clearly in the light of Jesus.  One beam from the eternal Son is greater than all the lights of earthly wisdom.  O Lord, shine on me, in me, and ever through me.

In verses 10-12 we have the ‘Standard Of Salvation’.  In verses 10-11 we find the ‘Standard Of Conversion’.  David prays for the continuance of loving kindness, righteousness, and the removal of pride in his life.  All of these are guaranteed by the covenant of grace but it hurts nothing through prayer to give the thanksgiving of praise for their existence and continuance.

In verse 12 we see the ‘Standard Of Condemnation’.  David sees the enemy of God fallen, cast down, (indication of being in Hell), and never able to rise again.  Let us put on the Lord Jesus Christ, walk in the Spirit, and make not provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof.