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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #104
Posted: December 7, 2006

PSALM 29:3-11

In our last study we mentioned that in this Psalm David is describing a thunderstorm.  Oh, how the landscape of the spiritual life is often filled with storms.  It can certainly be said; we are sailing over life’s stormy seas in our route toward our homeport of the haven of rest.  Let us take our Bible and turn to Psalm 29:3-11 and study along.  If you have your Bible in hand we can save some space by not quoting this lengthy passage.

In verse 10 we see the Lord ‘sitting upon the flood’.  The word ‘flood’ speaks of Noah’s storm, truly the mother of all storms.  It did not destroy only a city like Katrina, but destroyed the world.  Our God sits as a sovereign directing and controlling the storms.  Let us find rest in our storms in the fact that they are under His watchful direction.

In verses 3-9 we notice the thunderstorm came to three different areas.  In verse 3 it fell “…upon the waters:”, which is the sea or ocean.  In verse 5 it “…breaketh the cedars;” of Lebanon and the mountain range around that area.  In verse 8 the thunderstorm “…shaketh the wilderness;” or desert areas.  What is the voice of God saying to us by falling upon these three areas with the storms of life?

In verses 3-4 we find the storm is upon the ‘sea’.  The sea speaks of the Natural Man or the lost man.  Isaiah 57:20 says, “But the wicked are like the troubled sea,”  In order to bring the sinner to Christ God will often thunder forth through the voice of trouble.  Many believe that God doesn’t send troubling storms in order to bring His people into line.  I fear from this Psalm that David would want to disagree with that assessment.  David says He speaks to the Natural Man in a thundering voice that is powerful and full of majesty.  The word ‘powerful’ means vigorous force like none other.  The word ‘majesty’ means an ornament of splendor.  It is no wonder that the Natural Man can only be made willing in the day of His power.

In verses 5-6 we see the storm dealing with the cedars of Lebanon and the mountain ranges near by.  This area speaks of God’s dealing with the Spiritual Man through the storms of life.  In the life of the Spiritual Man there is nothing sure, not even the mighty cedars of Lebanon and Sirion mountain ranges, which can be moved by the thunderstorm.  The Lord will test the things of our life that we might lean upon nothing but His voice from which came His Word.

In verses 7-9 the Lord thunders over the wilderness of desert.  This speaks of His dealing with the Carnal or Fleshly Man.  I notice He thunders 3 times in this text.  The Natural and Carnal Man are not easily moved.  Even the animals give birth out of fear of His thundering voice.

It is very evident that our God will use the storms of life to deal with the carnal, desert like displays in our life.  He desires all of the glory to go to Himself and not to our carnal flesh. (Vs. 9c)

Let us close this study of thunderstorms in verse 11.  We are told the Lord gives ‘strength’ and ‘peace’ to His people.  If you are in a storm and the Lord is testing you, take comfort.  He will give the ability to go on by giving you rest in your storm.  This verse seems like a beautiful rainbow after the storm.  I thank Him for the measure of strength and peace that He has given to me during my little and not worth mentioning storms of life.