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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #21
Posted: February 26, 2007

I PETER 5:7-11

We have for several weeks been studying I Peter, which we have entitled, “The God Of All Suffering”.  Last week we stepped into Chapter 5 where the key word is ‘humility’. (Vs. 5-6)  We begin our study and desire to conclude this Chapter this week and have entitled it “The Humility Of Suffering”.

In verses 7-9 we want to look at “The Practice For Humility”.  In verse 7 we notice Peter mentioning ‘A Casting Practice’.  The word ‘care’ in verse 7 means the doing or action of anxiety or worry in general.  It is not each individual worry but the whole idea of worrying.  We are told to ‘cast’ it upon the Lord.  This is a once for all action.  The word is literally used of a cast fishing net, which means to throw and let it go.  The activity of worry and anxiety in a once for all action should be thrown on the Lord and let go.  I will be honest with you.  I would love to have a dollar for every time I have thrown it upon the Lord.  The letting it go is a horse of a different color.  Why should we cast our cares upon Him?  Peter says because, “…for He careth for you.”  He desires to concern Himself with the working out of that which causes us anxiety and worry.

In the “Practice Of Humility” there is also ‘The Confident Practice’.  Peter tells us to be ‘sober’ and ‘vigilant’.  This speaks of having mental control while being in a military position of watching and praying. Why should we have this practice?  We are told we have a  ‘adversary’.  It is one who accuses another.  Satan accuses us day and night before the Lord.  He desires as a ‘roaring lion’ to make a meal of our lives.  Peter tells us to ‘resist’ him by relying upon the ‘faith’.  The ‘faith’ here is the belief in the facts of what we know to be true about God.  I heard of a dear Preacher friend recently going through the dark hour of the soul who read the Bible to the devil.  Satan doesn’t hang around for Bible reading.  What an illustration of resisting steadfast in the faith.

We also see in this Chapter, “The Perfection From Humility” in verses 10-11.  In verse 10 we see, ‘The Perfecting Author’.  He is called the “…God of all grace.”  If there is any ability from or move of the divine towards man it is all of grace. 

We see in verse 10 “The Perfection Accomplished”.  It is accomplished through a divine call.  This is not a general call but an effectual call of the gospel.  The Lord in this call not only extends an invitation to come but gives an irresistible ability to answer.

We see this call will end in the perfecting work of ‘eternal glory’.  This means we who have borne the likeness of the earthly will bear the likeness of the eternal.

Our suffering, Peter tells us, will make us ‘perfect’. (Rendered complete, finished)  It will ‘stablish’ us. (A sure, unmovable standing)  It will ‘strengthen’ us. (A power that overcomes all adversity)  It also will ‘settle’ us.  (A foundation upon which one is seated)

After looking upon the working of the “God Of All Suffering” in verse 11, Peter breaks out in a doxology of praise.  Let us join him in saying, as we close this great study, “To Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen”