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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #20
Posted: February 16, 2007

I PETER 5:1-6

We continue our study this week of I Peter, which we have entitled, “The God Of All Suffering”. 

In Chapter 5 we have two key words to open the chapter to our understanding. We find the word ‘suffering’ mentioned two times; once in verse 1 and then in verse 10. The word means to experience a vexing sensation or painful impression, to under go painful hardship that influences the emotions and affections.  The other key word is ‘humility’ mentioned 3 times.  It is used 2 times in verse 5 and once in verse 6.  Remember, repetition in the Bible is God’s megaphone.  We have entitled this chapter, “The Humility Of Suffering”.  The word ‘humility’ means lowly, a low degree, to be brought low, cast down, lowly in spirit, abased, to get down and under.  It carries the idea of being below all and above none.

Let us draw our attention to the first 6 verses of I Peter.  Have an opened Bible to chapter 5 and I will not take up space to quote the text.

In verses 1 and 4 we see “The Pasture To Humility”.  Peter speaks in verse 1 of the ‘Pasture Of Revelation’.  Peter says he was a witness to the suffering of Christ.  The word ‘witness’ has the idea of pointing to or telling of a truth.  The root of the word is our word martyr.  Peter is going to point to the truth of Christ with his life.  It is here that the glory of God is revealed.  Our suffering will bring the likeness of Christ upon our lives.  Oh little sheep, this is quite a pasture for us to graze in.

In verse 4 of our text we see ‘The Pasture Of Reward’.  We will not be ashamed of our faithfulness when the chief Shepherd appears.  We shall receive a crown of glory at His appearing.  It will be a blessed event to bow and cast our crowns at His lovely nail scarred feet.

Let us look in verse 5 at ‘The Position Of Humility’.  Peter tells us of our need to be ‘clothed’ with humility.  The word ‘clothed’ means to put on, over, around, to girt about, and surround with the virtues of kindness, justice, goodness, and longsuffering.  There is in this position a ‘Pasture Of Submission’.  The word ‘submit’ is a military term, which means to be under in rank.  There is also a ‘Position Of Sufficiency’.  We are told that God resists the proud.  The word ‘proud’ means to appear or show oneself as above another.  The word ‘resisteth’ means to stand in military array against a enemy.  The one who is humble receives grace.  The word ‘humble’ means to run low, and below all and above none.  He giveth (continual flow) grace (His favor of ability to do and be all).  Oh how His grace is always sufficiently amazing.  We find in verse 6 ‘The Passiveness Of Humility’.  The phrase ‘humble yourself’ is a passive exercise.  The word humble is in the passive tense with the indication that the subject is being acted upon.  It says one is being humble not that he is humble.  Let us offer our selves to be humbled by His unseen hand of providence.  There is also a passive exaltation.  We must have a low place before God before we have an effectual high place before man.  Let us take comfort in the fact that God will bring us low before He takes us high.

Humility is not something we can produce.  We can only offer ourselves to God for Him to reproduce His humility in us.  Let us remember if we refuse His humbling work we leave Him no alternative but to humiliate us.