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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #13
Posted: November 22, 2006

I PETER 3:1-7

Let us turn in our Bibles to a rather lengthy passage from I Peter.  I will not quote it here but look on as we study Chapter 3 verses 1-7.  It is here we find ‘An Admonition to a Christian Wife With a Lost Husband’.  As I travel from church to church I am seeing more of the exact opposite, a saved husband with a lost wife. I feel these truths will work in both situations.

In verse 1 we find ‘An Admonition to the Wives’.  Both Peter and Paul impressed upon the church that incompatibility of religion didn’t justify the dissolving of a marriage.  Peter told them to ‘be in subjection’.  The word means to subordinate, to be under, in obedience, to be subdued under.  Peter speaks of the husband in these words, ‘if he obey not’ which means a fixed state of unbelief or not allowing one’s self to be persuaded.  The position of being lost didn’t give any grounds for divorce.  We live in a day when marriages are dissolved for much less.  Oh, how much undue suffering it has caused.

In verse 1b we find ‘An Admonition About Winning’.  Peter tells us if we have a mate who is obstinate and non-persuasive when we share the gospel with them then we are to stop sharing.  No more nagging with the gospel but live it. They can be won not by what we say but by our ‘conversation’.  This word ‘conversation’ means not what we say but our walk and manner of life.  How we must leave their conversion to the drawing work of the Holy Ghost.

In verses 2-5 Peter gives us ‘An Admonition About the Walk’.  Peter talks about them ‘beholding your chaste conversation coupled with fear’.  The word, ‘behold’, means to watch closely.  Let us be assured the world is watching us.  The word ‘chaste’ is a pure life.  The word ‘fear’ means to treat the other partner with reverential respect.

We are told in verse 3 we should not try to win the mate with our ‘outward adorning’.  These only appeal to the base fleshly nature and will not lead to the godly conversation of the soul. The ‘plaiting of hair, wearing of gold, and provocative clothes that highlight the body’ only appeals to the flesh.  Peter says let us show a ‘meek and quiet spirit’.  ‘Meek’ means humble and mild while the phrase ‘quiet spirit’ means one who keeps their seat or place.  It literally means one who doesn’t disturb and they are undisturbed and peaceable.  This is of ‘great price’. (Extremely valuable, costly, very precious)  Peter reminds us of the example of women who came before.  They were ‘holy’ set apart women who ‘trusted’ only in the Lord.  The word ‘trust’ is a hope of expectation that rested solely in the Lord.

In verse 6 we find ‘An Admonishment From the Word’.  We see the life of Sarah in her relationship to Abraham and his foolish ways.  She obeyed him and even called him ‘lord’ which was a term of reverential respect.

We are told to ‘do well’ as Sarah did.  The whole cause of life is to ‘do well’ by our marital partner.  We will be amazed at the results that are produced.

There is ‘An Admonishment About Wisdom’ in verse 7.  The husband is told to dwell with his wife in ‘knowledge’.  The phrase means not just live with, but seek to know them intimately.  Peter reminds us she is the ‘weaker vessel’.  She is a chosen vessel that cannot take what another can bear.  Peter tells us we are ‘heirs together of the grace of life’.  We are on even ground at the foot of Calvary.  There is neither male nor female at Calvary but all are made one.

Peter closes verse 7 with the reason to always keep their relationship right.  He warns us that our ‘prayers be not hindered’.  In a time of great suffering we will want to know we have a clear line to the Father and not one clogged with unresolved conflicts.