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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #2
Posted: April 6, 2007

II PETER 1:5-12

As we continue our study of II Peter let me remind us of our two key words that open this book.  One is the word ‘Apostasy’ which is the forsaking or abandonment of what one has once professed.  The second word is ‘Remembrance’ which is a statue, a model for imitation, a pattern or a continual blow of a hammer or to place in the mind as a memorial.

Our text this week is II Peter 1:5-2.  If you could have your Bible open to this text it will save us precious space.  I certainly don’t want to underestimate the value of quoting the text over my interpretation.  There is no comparison in the two.  Forget what I say, but please don’t miss what Peter said under the inspiring power of the Holy Ghost.

We have entitled this section for you who love an outline, “Some Things To Remember”.  In verses 5-7 we find ‘Some Additional Things’.

Peter asks us to give all ‘diligence’ to some things.  The word ‘diligence’ means speed, eagerness, earnest care, and to make haste.  Peter tells us to give diligence to add some things to our ‘faith’.  The word ‘faith’ means our professed belief of what we know to be true about God.  There are seven things mentioned to be added to, or to come forth from our faith.  One is ‘virtue’ which is to give pre-eminent estimated value to something or someone.  The second is ‘knowledge’ which means to recognize completely through experience.  It is an on going knowledge.  Paul said, ‘That I might know Him’.  Faith produces a desire to know Him and knowing Him increases our faith.  The third addition is ‘temperance’ which is self-control.  It is when the controlling power of the will comes totally under the control of the Spirit of God.  The fourth is ‘patience’, which means to abide under, passive endurance or to lift and walk on.  It is only produced as one under goes undeserved trials.  The fifth addition is ‘godliness’ which is to be a devout piety that is characterized by a God-ward attitude that seeks to please Him in all that I do.   The sixth is ‘kindness’ which means serviceable, pleasant, easy to get along with, gentle and courteous.  The seventh is ‘charity’ which means the attitude of God toward His Son and people.  It is conveyed by His will to His children changing their attitude to one another.  It is when we express the essential nature of God in our lives.  Let us make haste to have these things come forth from our faith.

In verse 8 Peter speaks of ‘Some Abounding Things’.  If these eight things abound in us we will not be barren or unfruitful.  The word ‘abound’ means to have more and to increase.  The word ‘barren’ is to be lazy and useless in the work and toil of our occupation.  It is work that accomplishes nothing of eternal value.  Peter says this lack will cause us to have no fruit or discernment in our life.

In verse 9 Peter speaks of ‘Some Absent Things’.  If we lack these eight things operating in our life we are not even conscious of our sins being removed.

Let us remember that faith is developed and grows by contact with the Word.  ‘Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God’.  As we grow deeper in our relationship with the Word of God we should see and abundance of virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, kindness, and charity.  If we see no true evidence of these things being worked out and through faith we have grounds to wonder if we are without faith.  May our minds be open to the continual blow of Peter’s hammer or remembrance.