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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #12
Posted: July 1, 2007

II PETER 3:8-14

This week we continue our study of II Peter.  Peter’s desire has been to put us in ‘Remembrance’ of some things less we become ‘Apostate’ in our faith.

Our study this week is II Peter 3:8-14.  Let me ask you to have your Bible open to this passage.

In this section of II Peter he deals with ‘The Return Of The Lord’.  We want to look at three truths from this text, ‘His Longevity’, ‘His Longsuffering’ and ‘Our Looking’. 

In verse 8 Peter deals with ‘His Longevity’.  He refers to us as the beloved.  It is a term of endearment that the Father used for the Son.  Peter tells us less we forget about a day in his world.  One day here is like a thousand years there.  We cannot even comprehend a world where there is no clock, watches, or calendars.  No one will ever say, ‘See you tomorrow’, ‘Wait a minute’, or ‘Just a second’.  O may we lay hold to the eternality of our God. What a day it will be when we see our Lord.  Every one gets home on the same day because in that city it is the land of the eternal day.

In verse 9 we see ‘His Longsuffering’.  Our Lord is not slack about His promises.  The word ‘promise’ means a law term denoting a summons to proclaim or announce an undertaking.  It is to do or give something to another.  He is not ‘slack’ concerning these promises.  The word means to be slow or to tarry.  These promises are to ‘us-ward’, the beloved only.  The phrase ‘not willing that any should perish’ is a phrase that has been debated through time.  There are two words translated willing.  One is the word to purpose, decree, or ordain as a fact.  The one used here is the desire or wish of the heart.  Let me remind you the ‘any’ here is the beloved, His people.  It is the desire of His heart that none of them perish.  If it did mean all it still is not the word of an ordained decree but only the wish of the heart.  Let’s not distort His desire and His decree.  Man is not saved because of God’s desire but by God’s decree that He decreed before time began.

In verses 10-14 Peter tells us of ‘Our Looking’.  In this section he exhorts us three times about looking, and its affects on our behavior.

In verse 10 we are encouraged to ‘Look For The Day’.  We are told that this day will come as a “…thief in the night;” A thief comes without warning and never comes to mess with our trash or dirty laundry, but our precious treasures and jewels.  Let us be conscious that our Lord will come like a thief in the night.

We are also encouraged to ‘Look For The Destruction’. (Vs. 10b-12)  We are told the “…heavens shall pass away…” The destruction will be like a nuclear holocaust. The heavens and earth will melt with a “…fervent heat,” The phrase means to come to nothing by a heat like no other.  All that man has worked to create will come to nought.  If it is true that all our temporal world will pass away, let this thought drive us to holy, Godly, pure living.  He that hath this hope keeps himself pure.

We are told in verses 13-14 that we should ‘Look For Deliverance’. Peter encourages us to desire the ‘hasting’ of that day.  It will usher us into a place where in only dwells righteousness.  It is a place where we find peace, no spot, and we are blameless.  I fear for those that will be left to the destruction of all they labored to get then not only to lose all through destruction but to be cast into that awful place called Hell to experience eternal damnation.  May the Lord cause us to be a red light to warn them, “Don’t go down that road’, but follow Him, the only way that lead to eternal life.