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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #11
Posted: June 15, 2007

II PETER 3:1-7

We continue our study this week of II Peter.  Our theme has been centered around two words which are ‘Remembrance and Apostasy’.  We desire to look at verses 1-7 which we have entitled “The Coming Of The Lord”.  This is a rather lengthy passage so let me ask you to come to the study with your Bible opened to our text.

In verses 1-2 we see some ‘Stirring Thoughts’.  In verses 1, 8, 14, and 15 we find the title ‘Beloved’.  This is a name used by God the Father for God the Son.  This is a name of great endearment used to refer to God’s people.  The term means one who is of the same womb or greatly loved love one.  Peter doesn’t speak here to all but only a few.  He speaks only to the beloved.

In verse 1 Peter tells us he desires to put us in ‘remembrance’.  The word means a statue, a model for imitation, a pattern, a continual blow of a hammer so as to place in the mind as a memorial.  His desire is to stir up our ‘pure minds’.  The word ‘stir’ means to kindle a flame of fire that is capable of dying out if neglected.  Peter’s desire is to stir up our pure minds.  The mind is the seat of conscious perception, understandings, feelings, judging, determining, and knowing.  The word ‘pure’ has the idea of being without mixture and sun tested.  Oh, may our thoughts stand the test of the light of the Son.  The two instruments Peter used to stir the minds of the people are the ‘preaching of the Word’. and ‘the practice of commandment’.   The Word was a Rhema or a special Word and the commandment was the imposed decrees and laws of God.  If Peter felt in his day the need to keep the coming of the Lord stirred in the people by preaching and practice, oh how much more do we need it in this dark hour of His coming?  John tells us he that hath the hope will keep himself pure.  May we be able to cry with John of old, ‘Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus’.

We see from the study of our text not only some ‘Stirring Thoughts’ but ‘Scoffing Thoughts’. (Vs. 3)  Peter tells us he is looking at the ‘last days’.  The phrase means the final moments of time.  If Peter felt he was living in the last moments of time surely we must be in the final seconds of the eleventh hour.  Children, it is just about midnight and behold the bridegroom cometh.  Some will say every generation has talked about the ‘end of time’.  Surely for one generation soon it will be the end of times.  We are told in these last times ‘scoffers’ will come. The word means a mocker, a teacher who makes a joke of the last days.  He ridicules or scorns those who believe in such a doctrine as the ‘Coming Of The Lord’.  Peter tells us ‘they walk after their own lusts’.  The phrase means to conduct ones life after the evil passions of the mind.  In verses 4-6 we are confronted with the ‘Scoffers Scoffing’.  They asked when ‘The fulfillment of the promise of His coming’.  We are told in Deuteronomy 30:3, Acts 1:9-11, and I John 3:2 that He is coming, but the scoffer says we see no one coming.  They are ignorant of the changes in creation in verses 5-6.  Our God has changed things so slowly that man has missed the changes that point to the nearing end.

In verse 7 we see a ‘Sobering Thought’.  We are told while man has been making a joke about the coming of the Lord, our God has been storing up judgment, wrath, and fire for this great day.  I rejoice that I have been made by the Spirit to believe in His literal coming.  When fear grips the scoffer and the world is on fire I will be safe from all wrath.  I will be with Him whose last earthly words were, ‘I will come again that where I am there ye shall be also’.