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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #10
Posted: June 1, 2007

II PETER 2:18-22

We have been placing two key words before us that open this book to our understanding.  They are the word ‘Apostasy’ and ‘Remembrance’.

Let us turn again to a larger section of II Peter that we have been studying (Vs. 10-22) which I have entitled “The Perversions Of The Flesh”.  We look this week at our last section verses 18-22.  Please have your Bible in hand and turn to this portion.  I will not take the space to quote this section.

In verse 18 we find ‘The Speech Of The Flesh’.  We are told that the flesh produces “…great swelling words of vanity,” The phrase has the idea of being full of excessive bulk, full of high sounding words that are themselves but empty of any substance. Those who live in the flesh desire to ‘allure’ others.  The word means bait put out to catch fish.  This bait is the “…lusts of the flesh,” This has the idea of strong passionate desire to satisfy self.  The word ‘wantonness’ in verse 18 means the absence of all restraint.  The desire of flesh is if it feels good, do it, and if you see it and want it, get it.

People who live in the flesh are drawn to those who are “…clean escaped.” The phrase has the idea of ones just barely in the process of escaping.  This would be our newborn Christians or those who have expressed interest in the things of God.  The flesh walkers are drawn to them like bees to honey.  Their desire is to bring them back into a full time flesh walk.  ‘Misery does love company’

We find in verse 19 ‘The Servant Of The Flesh’.  Those who walk in the flesh promise their followers ‘liberty’.  The word means freedom to do as one thinks or feels is right.  Be careful in a religion that gives freedom to do as you please.  We are only free to please ‘Him’.  Peter tells us the teachers of liberty are “…servants of corruption:” The phrase means to have the mind destroyed through immoral thoughts that could lead to a reprobate mind.  Peter tells us they have been “…overcome…in bondage.”  The phrase means to become in favor to or enslaved by and under the control of our flesh.  I find a good illustration in those who have given the okay to drinking wine and other alcoholic drinks in moderation.  What was told to some by a Doctor, ‘A glass of wine for your heart’s sake’, has turned into bottles of wine in abundance.  The fleshly walk is a slippery slope.  You will not walk it without leaving you in worse shape than you planned.

In verses 20-22 we are confronted with ‘The Slop Of The Flesh’.  We are told the best relationship to flesh is to ‘flee from its pollution’.  The word means to leave its moral and physical stains of defilement.  Peter tells us those who have been walking with the Lord and return to the fleshly walk are living in a dangerous state.  He tells us in verse 21 they would have been better off with no knowledge of God than just a head knowledge that gives no power over flesh. We are told that their end will be worse than their beginning.

Peter tells us they will end up like dogs and pigs. (Vs. 22)  They will be like the dog that vomits in the yard and then eats it.  They will be like the pig that just loves to wallow around in the mire.  No wonder Paul told us in Romans 8:13 to ‘Mortify The Deeds Of The Flesh’.  We must reckon flesh dead by the power of Calvary.  We are no match for our flesh.   It will not bring us to God.  It will only take us further away from Him.