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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #4
Posted November 16, 2008

Esther 2

We return again to our study of Esther.  Our theme is that of ‘providence’.  We have defined providence as ‘the unseen hand of God in the glove of my history telling His story’.  This is an allegorical story that is when the author takes characters of symbolism and teaches truth.

            We began last time looking at ‘The Battle Of Providence And The Fleshly Queen (Vashti) And The Ungodly King (Ahasuerus)’.  The battle of all the ages is between the old nature, the flesh, and the new nature, the Spirit of God.  This week let us look at ‘The Spiritual Queen (Esther) And A Godly King (Mordecai).  This battle is only won from the inside to the outside.  There must be a new queen, the very nature of God placed upon the throne of our hearts.

            In the story of Esther she and Mordecai picture the new nature in the picture of faith.  Let us look at the two of them as they teach us of ‘The Work Of Redemption’.  The nature of God cannot be placed in us without this grand work.

            In Chapter 2, verse 7 we find both of her names, Esther and Hadassah.  The words mean a transplanted myrtle tree or nourished one.  The work of Redemption demands we be transplanted.  We must be violently ripped from the world of darkness and placed in the world of light, then taken from death and placed into life.  In verses 6- 7 we are told that she was left or orphaned because her Dad and Mom died as a result of the fall of Jerusalem.  We were left spiritual orphans because of our fall in Adam.  We were dead in our sins and could not come to God.

            In verse 7b Mordecai, the picture of faith, adopted his niece and connected her to the eternal world of life.  I bless the day faith opened my eyes to the Spirit of adoption.  He choose me and placed me in His family by the great work of redemption.  In Chapter 2 verse 11 Mordecai (faith) brooded over Esther (new nature) until she was established.  I thank the Lord for brooding over me until Christ was fully formed I me.  I thank the Lord for His unseen hand of providence working in and on me.

            We see in this work of redemption a ‘Work Of Riches’.  In Chapter 2 and verse 14 the king calls her by name.  In the Lazarus and Rich Man story, Lazarus is the only one who has a name.  Why is this? Jesus said, ‘I know my sheep by name.’ (John 10)  Those He has redeemed He knows by name.

            In Chapter 2 and verse 13 we see ‘The Work Of Reigning’.  She found grace and favor in the eyes of the king.  Redemption has brought us into loving favor with our king.  The great battle is described in this truth from Romans 6:6 which says, “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.”  Has the nature of God been enthroned on your heart? Who is wearing the crown, your old or new man?  Who is winning the battle of all the ages in you?  God’s hand of providence has ordained the nature of God as the definite winner!