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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #2
Posted: July 27, 2007


Let us look again to the Book of Colossians.  Our theme for this book is “The Suffering Of Christ”.  We are “Complete In Christ” and “Christ Is All I Need”.  The church at Colosse was up against a group that taught Christ was good but there must be an addition to Him.  It was Christ plus something and not Christ alone.

We ask you to turn in your Bible to Chapter One and verses 9-14 and follow along with us as we study these verses.  I have entitled this section “A Prayer Of Paul”.  I have found these prayers are usable in our own times of prayer.  Let me encourage you to pray through these verses.  Personalize them for your situation and for those whom you seek the Lord on their behalf.  I have broken this prayer up into three areas of study.  The first is in verse 9 which I call ‘A Prayer Of Perception’.  Paul says I am praying for you “For this cause…”  The phrase means on account of or because of what he has heard.  We often pray because of a bad report but here a good report has prompted Paul to pray.  Paul has a ‘desire’ for these folks expressed in prayer.  The word means something to be given not done.  Paul desires for God to fill them with “…the knowledge of his will…”  The word ‘knowledge’ was a word used by the Gnostics, which means to know an object through and through.  Paul uses it here telling God’s people that this knowledge is available to them only for the asking.  He asks the Lord to fill them with the knowledge of ‘his will’.  The will here is the conducting and direction of ones life.  In this prayer of perception he asks for ‘wisdom’, which is the accumulation of facts about God.  The ‘spiritual understanding’ is the ability to put the facts of Him into the practice of our lives.  It literally means the ability to live them.  Many today have a head full of facts but only the Holy Ghost can cause them to move from our head to our heart and out in the practice of our life.

In verses 10-11 there is ‘A Prayer Of Petition’.  In verse 10a we see a petition for ‘A Balanced Walk’.  The phrase “…walk worthy…” speaks of balancing scales with you in one side and Christ in the other.  Paul’s petition was that the scales would balance.  O what a thought to pray for others and ourselves.  In verse 10b & c we find ‘A Bountiful Work’.  The proper walk will cause a proper work, which in turn will cause us to please the Lord with more fruit.  We see from the text all of this is fueled by increasing our knowledge of the Lord.  In verse 11 there is a petition for ‘A Blessed Witness’.  We see the witness of strength given to us of His amazing power for the spiritual warfare’s of life.  This power will produce the patience of Job (James 6), the longsuffering of Jeremiah (Lamentation 1:12), and the joyfulness of Jesus (Hebrews 12:2).

In verses 12-14 Paul’s prayer becomes ‘A Prayer of Praise’.  The phrase “Giving thanks…” means loud words of adoration and praise.  He begins to thank Him for what He has done for these people.  God has created in them the ability to be partakers of the inheritance of light. We are headed not to the dark unknown but we are on a journey that gets brighter every day.  He praises the Lord in verse 13 for their ‘deliverance’.  This word means to up root from one spot and plant in another.  We have been uprooted from the power of darkness and planted in the kingdom of light.

Paul praised the Lord for their “…redemption through his blood,” Our kinsman redeemer purchased us from off the slave market of sin and paid for us with His own precious blood.  If that was not enough He even ‘forgave’ us our sins.  The word ‘forgive’ means to remit, totally remove, pardon and act as if they never happened.  Sin has an ‘s’ on it which speaks of all of them.

Can you imagine that if our prayer services went from praying for sinus trouble and gall bladders to praying like this, God would come down and we may have revival breakout?  O Church, let us cry out, ‘Lord, Teach Us How To Pray!’