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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #16
Posted: January 19,2008


Let us look this week at our last study of this great book with the theme of “Being Complete In Christ Alone”.  In the concluding verses of Colossians Paul recalls those in his life whom he has witnessed having a life of being complete in Christ.

            If you have a Bible open let us walk down through our text and mention these eleven men in Paul’s concluding remarks. In verses 7-8 we have Tychicus who I see as ‘A Commendable Man’.  Paul mentions him as being a beloved brother, faithful minister, and fellow servant.  Tychicus ministers to Paul while in prison. He was chosen to deliver the Books of Ephesians and Colossians. Little did he know the morning he boarded the boat, the two parchments he carried would out last the Roman Empire, be translated into thousands of languages, read and studied by millions, and lead to the salvation of an innumerable host.

            He also mentions Onesimus whom I find to be ‘A Converted Man’. He was a run away slave whom Paul has seen gloriously converted and calls him a beloved brother.  He is willing to return to his slave master carrying the great Epistle to Philemon.  When a slave would return it would often mean sure death for him as an example to the other slaves.  His name means ‘faithful’. Paul plays on that and says in Philemon he who was unfaithful has now become faithful.  Conversion changes a man’s heart as well as his being.

            In verse 10a he mentions Aristarchus whom I see as ‘A Courageous Man’. Paul calls him a fellow prisoner.  He was arrested and almost killed by Demetrius the Silver Smith when he stood with Paul in Acts. He has come to Rome to stand with Paul and has become himself a prisoner.  Tradition says that Nero martyred him for his faith

I find also in verse 10 the mention of Marcus or John Mark and his uncle Barnabas. I find that Marcus is ‘A Confessed Man’. He failed while on a trip with Paul but later confessed and was forgiven. Paul asked Timothy to bring him when he came to visit.  Paul said, ‘I find him profitable to me for the ministry’. I find Barnabas was ‘A Compassionate Man’.  He gave John Mark another chance when Paul had at first given up on him.

            Paul mentions Justus in verse 11 whom I see as ‘A Comforting Man’.  Paul said that Justus was a ‘comfort’ to him.  The word is our word paregoric.  This was used in the medical field as a soothing drug.

            In verse 12 Epaphras is mentioned as ‘A Consistent Man’.  He was a man who prayed for the spiritual well being of God’s people.  In verse 14 there is a mention of Luke, ‘A Caring Man’.  He devoted most of his medical profession to keeping Paul going. Demas is also mentioned in this same verse.  He is ‘A Controlled Man’. We find later that he goes from being controlled by the world to come to being controlled by this world.

            We find mentioned in verse 15, Nymphas who is ‘A Committed Man’. He had started a church in his house in the town of Laodicea.  O what a noble effort of commitment. 

            In verse 17 there is the mention of Archippus who is ‘A Corrected Man’. He was the pastor of the church of Colosse and Paul was telling him in a correcting way to take heed to his ministry.  In verse 18 Paul closes this book with his own name, ‘A Chained Man’. Paul because he found sufficiency in Christ alone was freer in prison then on the outside and accomplished more locked up than free.  If the Lord doesn’t return for another 2,000 years will they mention any of us while writing the roll call of the faithful?