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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #12
Posted: December 2, 2007


We continue our study of Colossians, which we have called “The Sufficiency Of Christ Alone”.  We looked last time at the positional life.  This week in Chapter 3 and verses 5-14 I want to look at ‘The Practical Life’.  What we have in Him must be exhibited in our daily life for all to see.  Have your Bible in hand as we unpack this rather lengthy text.

            If we are going to live out in our life practically what we have by position in Him we must learn of ‘Death To Self’.  In verse 5 we see the ‘What Of Death’.  Paul calls us to ‘mortify’ our members. This word means to put to death.  This is not something we do but something we believe and reckon to have been done in Christ’ death on the cross.  When we believe our old nature to be dead it is depleted of power over the new nature.  Paul tells us in Romans 6 that when we reckon our old man dead the spirit of temptation which rules over this world is rendered powerless over the child of God.  In verse 5 Paul gives us a portrait of our old man in the ‘Why Of Death’.  Our old nature is full of fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affections, evil lustful passions, and covetousness that leads to idolatry.  Isn’t it hard to believe that the sweetest of religious folks has one who lives in them that looks like this? In verses 6 and 7 we see the ‘Where Of Death’.  Before we walked in the power of the old man and were under the condemnation of God.  I bless the Lord that this was a walk of days gone by and now I can reckon myself dead to sin because of Calvary.  ‘Thanks to Calvary I don’t come here anymore’.

            In the practical life of God’s people we learn in verses 8-14 of the ‘Dressing Of Self’.  Let us look in verses 8-9 at the ‘Putting Off Of The Old Man’.  The dressing of the child of God has been called by some ‘from rags to robes’. The phrase “But now…” is used together with the putting off of the old to tell us of the timing.  It seems from the text something has been done for us on the cross that causes us to say but now has the old man been put off.  It is certainly a thing procured at Calvary that becomes my present realty.  Paul lists in verses 8-9 the ragged ‘habits’ of my old nature.  A habit is a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition.  He lists six habits of our old man that are anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication, and lying.  When we look at the deeds of our old man and realize how deplorable they are I wonder why it is so difficult for me to part with these old rags.

            The phrase ‘put off’ is a violent term of stripping it off or tearing it away.  Sin must be dealt with harshly.  It cannot be tolerated in the smallest degree.

            In verses 10-14 Paul mentions 3 times the idea of ‘putting on the new man’.  In these verses we see that the new man has taken residence in the child of God at the point of salvation.  The new man is created in the image of Christ and believes Christ to be all in all.

            This new man that lives within us verses 12-13 tells us is ‘chosen of God’.  This man is holy and full of the beloved love of God.  He is full of mercy, kindness, meekness, longsuffering, and is humble in His mind.  He is patient with others and quick to forgive and forget.

            In verse 14 we are told that we have put on the love of God that seeks to bring us into the perfect likeness of Christ.  I wonder in my own life why such a gap exists between what I know to be true and what I show in my daily walk.  Lord let the world see less of my rags and more of my robes.