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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #7
Posted June 8, 2009

Daniel 4:29-34

We began, last week, in our study of Daniel and Big God Theology to look at Him as the God of Restoration.  We looked last time at ‘The Stumping Of The King.’ Today I want to turn our attention to ‘The Speech From The King’. It is here we find the situation of which God demanded the king be restored from. The more I look at it, I find we have done and are doing far worst ourselves.

            In verse 29-30a I find ‘A Speech Of Presumption’. The king says ‘is not this great Babylon?’ He sees greatness in temporal things. I don’t doubt we do far greater, if not in our words then in our actions.  Let us not forget that every temporal thing we spend so much time and energy to get will one day go up in smoke. In 4:30b we find ‘A Speech Of Pride’.  The king speaks of what he has built by his might and power. He fails to acknowledge God in all that has been done. It is very foolish for us to take any credit for anything that has been done. Oh, how often we do far worst in our failure to acknowledge Him in all our ways.

            In 4:31-34 I find ‘The Suffering For The King’. If this king suffers so severely for what he has done we should have long since suffered the wrath of God.  Our God has been so merciful and long suffering to us in our presumption and pride.

            I notice in 4:31-32 this king is ‘Suffering That Which Is Beyond Unbelievable’. In verse 31 while he is talking, the kingdom falls from his power.  He becomes a beast with claws, his hair grows out to the point it looks like feathers. He is chained to a stake by a brass hook. It is there he lives for 7 years and eats grass. You may say that this seems severe. Let us remember God does not take lightly presumption and pride before Him.

            In 4:34 I find ‘The Suffering That Brings Understanding’.  We find that while living chained in the grass at the end of 7 years the king looks up and his understanding returns to him. He begins to worship God by blessing, praising, and honoring Him that liveth forever. The word ‘blessed’ means to bow in adoration. ‘Praise’ means to pacify another with loud words of commendation. ‘Honored’ means to have something to swell up in you to the point it becomes bigger than life. It sure seems to me that the king looking up has caused him to catch a life-changing glimpse of a Big God.