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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #6
Posted May 27, 2009

Daniel 4:19-27

Let us continue our study of the book of Daniel. Our theme is Big God Theology. My, what a big God these four men worshipped with all of their hearts.

            We turn our attention today to a section of Daniel that deals with Nebuchadnezzar’s sin. In Daniel 4:19-27 we find this Big God to be ‘The God Of Restoration’. Restoration involves the necessity of patience, perseverance, and persistence on the part of the restorer over the one being restored. Man is not easily restored. The God of Restoration looks for genuine repentance from the one who needs to be restored. Repentance is a radical change of mind about sin, which results in a 180-degree turn away from that sin.

            As we begin to look at the restoration process I see in our meditation ‘The Stumping Of The King’. In verses 22-23 of chapter 4 I find a ‘Picture Rehearsed About Stumping’.  Oh, how this king has been given multiple opportunities to repent. There was the dream of the stone that is a glorious picture of the Rock of Ages. The fourth man in the fire is truly a glimpse of the Son of God. Yet he lifts himself up in pride that all he has is of his own doing. God has enough in verse 23 and sends the watchman to cut him down like a tree but leaves a stump. The watchman is to chain him to the stump as a brute beast for seven years. Our God knows how to stump the proud of this world. I am reminded of Peter’s three denials. The text said that Peter denied Him again and again and again. When we fail to listen to our Lord’s strong call to repentance we leave Him no choice but to leave us stumped.

            In verse 27 of this stumping process I find ‘A Plea About Repentance From Sin’. The king is told to ‘break off’ his iniquities and sins. The phrase ‘break off’ means to disconnect by rending or tearing in pieces by a very violent action.  We cannot embrace sin. It will stump us beyond belief. The word ‘sin’ means to miss the mark so as not to share in the prize. The word ‘iniquities’ means to step over the designated boundary line set down by God. How can one deal with sin and iniquity and bypass stumping?

            The king is told to break off sin by righteousness. Righteousness speaks of that which can only be imputed by Christ. Christ came, took one shot and hit the bull’s eye dead center. He robed me in righteousness, handed the bow to me and said to make His shot my shot and smile for the picture. This position, when reckoned upon, frees one from the practice of sin and iniquities. Iniquities are conquered by showing mercy. The mercy of God is Him withholding from us what we deserve. When one meditates on mercy he is freed from all practice of iniquity. What is to be gained by this victory? The text says in verse 27 that there will be the ‘lengthening of the tranquility’.  The phrase means to make longer ones security and prosperity of clean hands and a pure heart. God is pleading with man to repent. How can we do less that repent? Let us turn from every sin less we hear the spiritual chain saw of the watchmen coming to stump us.