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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #4
Posted April 14, 2009

Daniel 3:19-22

We continue this week to muse through the book of Daniel in our study of Big God Theology. We started to see last time that “He Is The God Of Refinement”. I brought to our attention the ‘Trial Of Your Faith’. It is during the time of refining trials that we will see Him manifested as a Big God.

            This week I turn our attention to ‘The Testimony Of His Followers’. The word ‘his’ in our outline stands for Nebuchadnezzar’s followers. Our God will put us in the fires of trouble often so others can watch our response. I feel He placed these three boys in the fire so that the king’s followers could see the bigness of the God of the Bible. What testimony are we giving to others in our time of fiery trials?

            Let us look first of all at the ‘Enlightenment Of His Followers’. In verse 20 we are told that the men who threw these three Hebrew boys in the fire were ‘mighty’ men. The word mighty means valiant warriors. In verse 19 they set the fires seven times hotter. These men were in great physical shape. They were mighty in battle. They were good at making fires but they had no spiritual discernment. They knew the art of physical fire but they knew nothing of the spiritual fires of our God. Oh, my friend let me be weak, helpless, fearful, no gifts, of no ability, can’t even boil water, but know Him who identifies Himself as the God who is a consuming fire. That fire will either condemn and consume or warm and comfort us depending upon our relationship to the furnace keeper of the fire.

            In verse 22 we find ‘The Experiences Of His Followers’.  These mighty men have listened to the Hebrew boys response to the king. There is no evidence of a struggle while they are binding their hands. They are in a rest mode and an easy yoke. The circumstances are not stealing their joy. Happenings are not taking away their happiness. These men are seeing a Big God people’s response to trouble. I cannot help but believe these boys spoke softly to these men warning them about the God of the consuming fire. This was to be their final warning. There is no evidence these men made any response. Let us be careful in our response to our troubles. Our response is either preaching the Gospel to others or making it of no affect.

            I notice in verse 22 ‘The End Of His Followers’. This fire was so hot it slew these mighty men. In a matter of seconds after dealing with the three Hebrew boys they were in eternity. More than likely, of course I am not the judge, they went to Hell with their clothes on. I wonder who will go to Hell from our presence? Will they have heard a clear-cut warning of the Gospel? My wife had an uncle and cousin who recently passed away. I feel by their own testimony they were lost. I fear to ever see them again. I sat in their presence on many occasions. I know if they are given the opportunity they will ask me why I didn’t warn them about the God who is a consuming fire. Let us show forth Christ in our response to trouble.