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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #3
Posted April 1, 2009

Daniel 3:1-18

Let us turn our hearts again this week to the book of Daniel. Our theme has been a study of “Big God Theology”. I want to meditate in the study on Daniel 3:1-18. May we take time to read this text before we begin to unpack these truths.  In this section I want us to see ‘He Is The God Of Refinement’.  This is the chapter in which Nebuchadnezzar places the three Hebrew children in the fire. How can God put folks in the fire and they are not burned? How can God cause good to come out of bad? How can God take depraved, dead, and deplorable sinners and make them like Himself? He is the God of refinement. The fire of refinement will involve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial suffering. There are two relationships to His fire. One is to refine us and the other is to condemn us. Oh, I want to be rightly related to His fire. His refinement will involve ‘The Trial Of Your Faith’. Job said, ‘When He hath tried me I shall come forth as pure gold.’  Peter said, ‘Think it not strange when fiery trials come your way

            In the trial of the faith of the three Hebrew boys we find in 3:1a ‘A Consideration Of Their Trial’. The King made an image of gold. Every time God creates something Satan will duplicate it. My Grandma said ‘everything that shines is not gold.’ In verse 7 we see the great arena of trial is that all were bowing to this image when the musicians played. Let us be careful when the majority is going, saying, or doing it. Our Lord has always in every generation had a small minority on the narrow road to life. I am free to do anything I want to do but as Paul said all things are not expedient. The word means best for me. My only real freedom is the freedom to be like our King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

            In Chapter 3, verse 12 we find ‘A Conclusion Of Their Trial’. When these three Hebrew boys refused to bow they were brought to the king. The soldiers said to the king that these three have not ‘regarded’ thee. The word ‘regard’ means they don’t think you are in charge or have sole authority over them. When we are asked to do things contrary to the Word of God we better have come to the conclusion of who is our sole authority.  Peter said ‘we better obey God rather than men.’ The king felt they had not heard the music so he played it again. Once again every one bowed but these three boys stood alone before the king. The king cried out in 3:15 saying, “…who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?” If they get out of this situation it will take a ‘Big God’.

            In 3:16-18 we find there is ‘A Confession In Their Trial’. They are told they are going to be thrown in the fiery furnace. The Hebrew children said our God will deliver us, ‘but if not, we will not bow down to your image.’ O King, know if you throw us in the fire we will be walking the streets of God before you get back to the palace. Lord give us a ‘But if not’ mentality. It matters not how life goes if I have a ‘but if not’ plan that causes me to follow Him without regard to my circumstances.  It is my desire to be emotionally and mentally stable, ‘but if not’ I will follow Him. I desire to make a basic living ‘but if not’ I will follow Him. Let us not let life or circumstances threaten us with heaven. A ‘but if not’ mentality always believes it’s expectations are from the Lord. Whatever the Lord sends that is what I was expecting. Let our fiery trials not take us out of our rest of life. Peter said, ‘When fiery trials come do not threat them as strangers’ When trouble comes to the door tell them to come on in because I have been expecting you. Tell your trials it matters not what you do to me.  I would rather be triumphant over my trials ‘but if not’ I have the confidence that I will walk the streets of gold once the fiery trial of refinement is concluded.