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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study

Week #2
Posted March 2 2009

Daniel 2:19-30

We continue this week in our study of Daniel and the subject of ‘Big God Theology’.  I looked last time at Daniel’s statement in 2:28a, “But there is a God in heaven…” Here we were studying ‘The God Of Revelation’.  We found that He must reveal Himself as ‘The God Of Authority’. 

            In 2:19-20 and 23a we find that He will reveal Himself as ‘The God To Be Adored’.  When Daniel is asked by the King as to how he found the dream and its interpretation he replied to the King, ‘Let us praise God for His Pre-eminent height’.  In verse 20a Daniel says, “Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever:” The word ‘blessed’ means to kneel while giving abundant adoration.  In verse 23a Daniel says of God, “I thank thee, and praise thee,” The word ‘thank’ means to bemoan with words of high praise with the hands up and palms extended outward.  The word ‘praise’ means to give loud words of commendation.  In 2:23a, can you imagine this young Jew boy kneeling before an earthly king with hands in the air giving words of loud commendation to a heavenly King as the only King.  This would certainly be grounds for execution under most circumstances.  But those actions will be the beginning key to breaking this old king’s heart.  My, how Holy Ghost filled worship of something bigger than ourselves will cause the most hardened sinners to get in or get out.

            In verse 23 Daniel mentions the God to be adored under the terms of ‘Let us praise God for His present help’.  Daniel speaks of God making it known unto him now.  Daniel said, I asked God about the dream and He told me.  He is a God who wants to help us and wants to help us right now.  He is a present help in time of trouble.  Matter of fact, He made solutions before problems.  What came first, birds or air, fish or water, trees or dirt?  The solution was before the problem.  What came first, sin or a Saviour?  Long before God had a sin problem in the garden He had slain a Lamb before the foundation of the world.  O Lord, reveal to your people a God so big we must bow and adore Him.

            Daniel is also speaking of God being revealed in verses 29-30 as ‘The God Of Awareness’.   He knows the secret things, He knows what is in the dark, and He knows what we say or think. ‘He is aware of our future life.’  He knows the end from the beginning. ‘He is aware of our fleshly life’.  In verses 29-30 Daniel tells the king that God knew his secret life and even the motives and intentions of his heart.

            He is revealed to us as ‘The God with answers’.  ‘He has answers to the impossible questions.’  In verses 25-28a we see that Daniel knows the forgotten dream of the king. How can this be unless God reveals it? ‘He has answers with incredible quickening.’  The wise men in 2:11 said only the ‘God people’ have that kind of answers.  In verse 44-45 Daniel reveals to the king the dream of a rolling stone who was none other than Christ the God man.

            He came from the bosom of the Father to the bosom of the woman.  The Son of God became the Son of Man that we might become the Sons of God.  He was born by a virgin mother contrary to the laws of nature.  He was born in poverty, reared in obscurity, only crossed the boundaries of His country once and that was in His childhood.  He had no wealth or influence and no education in the world’s schools. His relatives were nobodies with no social influences.  In His infancy He puzzled a King, in his boyhood He baffled the Doctors of Theology and in manhood He ruled the courses of nature.  He walked on the billows and hushed the seas to sleep.  He healed the multitude without medicine and charged nothing for His service.  He never wrote a book though all the libraries of the world could not contain the whole of what has been written about Him.  He never wrote a song but produced the theme for more songs than there are songwriters.  He never founded a school yet no one could boast of as many students as He has. He has healed so many hearts yet never claimed to be a heart doctor.  Jesus is the Star of Astronomy, the Rock of Geology, Lion and Lamb of Zoology, the Harmonizer of all Discord, and Healer of all Diseases.  Herod couldn’t kill Him.  Satan couldn’t seduce Him.  Death couldn’t destroy Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him.  He is Nebuchadnezzar’s stone sitting high upon the throne of the universe that I might be able to say, ‘On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.