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  Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #78
Posted: April 27, 2006

A Study of Positional Truths

Let us have an open Bible to I Thessalonians 2:13-20 for our IN CHRIST study this week.  It is here that we find several IN CHRIST phrases of position.  One is found in verse 13 which says, “…which effectually worketh in you…”  The second is in verse 14 which says, “…the church of God which in Judea are IN CHRIST Jesus…”  The third one is found in verse 19 which says, “…are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ…”

You that look for an outline to teach or preach from may find this one suitable for dealing with this passage.  In verses 13 and 14 we are confronted with “THE EFFECTUAL WORK OF THE WORD”.  Paul here breaks out in a prayer of thanks for how this church has received the Word. The first use of the word ‘received’ in verse 13 means to come near for the purpose of learning through a familiar or intimate act.  This was their relationship to the Word.  They did not think it was the Word from man but surely a Word from God.  Let us not see the preaching of a true man of God as his spouting out of his words but a proclaiming of what ‘thus sayeth the Lord’. 

Because of this relationship with the Word it had an effectual work in this people.  The word ‘effectual’ means an active operation within that will show forth a change on the outward person.  I thank the Lord that I can see an effectual work of the Word in my own life.  How about you, do you see this effectual work?

Our next section of study is verses 14-16 and our outline point is “THE EVERYDAY WORK OF WALKING”.  This effectual work of the Word caused them to be followers of those who were IN CHRIST.  The word ‘follower’ means to mimic or imitate.  They saw Godly people IN CHRIST and used them as a pattern to imitate in their life.  They even walked on in the midst of suffering. (vs. 14).  This imitating every day walk led them to look to the death of deaths, our Lord Jesus Christ. (vs. 15)  This is a death that assured the sin problem was solved and stayed from the wrath of God. (vs. 16)  How the Word implanted within caused them to walk with integrity from without.  I hear preachers from time to time who sound like other preachers.  I see saints from time to time who act like other saints in the church.  I thought it strange at first, maybe even wrong.  Now I see they found someone in the body of Christ to imitate and follow.  May we be one of those who can say as the apostle Paul said, “Follow me

The last section that we will study is found in verses 17-20 of which I have entitled “THE ETERNAL WORK OF WONDER”.  Paul tells this people that he has them in his heart and desires to see them.  (vs. 17)  May we be found carrying people on our hearts.  We hear of so many enduring trying heartaches.  When we are touched deeply with their request let us carry them on our heart and unto the Lord.  

Paul says in verse 18 that he desires to see them but was hindered by Satan. In verse 19 is the ETERNAL WONDER.  Paul says for them to be saved and one day stand in the presence of the Lord as the redeemed will be his hope, joy, and crown of rejoicing. 

The word ‘hope’ is confident expectation.  Paul is saying, if I don’t see you anymore down here I am confident to see you there.  The word ‘joy’ means calm delight and exceedingly cheerful.  Paul says when I see you in His presence I will simply be beside myself with joy.  In the phrase ‘crown of rejoicing’ the word ‘rejoicing’ means to boast.  If the Lord gives me any reason to boast let it be you standing in His presence.  That will be glory and joy enough.  What greater wonder than to have some spiritual children to stand in His presence that we have said an effectual word to or walked everyday before.