Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #71
Posted: February 3, 2006

A Study of Positional Truths

As we read down the lines of Colossians this week, two IN CHRIST phrases leap from the context of Chapter 1, verses 25-29.  They are found in verse 27 and 28, which say,To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is CHRIST IN you the hope of glory.  Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom: that we may present every man perfect IN CHRIST Jesus.”

We are told in verse 27 of a great ‘mystery’ which is ‘Christ in us, the hope of glory’.  Before we look at this mystery we are told in verse 25 that Paul has been made a minister to proclaim this mystery.  The word ‘minister’ denotes one who has a special dispensation of service entrusted to them.  Paul has been given the ministry of uncovering the mystery hidden from ages and generations.  I feel that we, the redeemed, have all been entrusted with the service of proclaiming this mystery to every man.  This mystery has been hid throughout the time of the Old Testament.  It has been called by some the ‘mystery of mysteries’.  The word ‘mystery’ means to be silenced or shut the mouth because of a secret one cannot see or understand.  This mystery is of great value.  It is described as being ‘rich’ and ‘glorious’. (Verse 27)  The word ‘rich’ means abundant in wealth and valuable for influence.  The word ‘glory’ means to know or to see the weighty presence of God.  I cannot imagine that God has kept this truth a secret down through the ages but now has shown it to us worthless Gentiles. 

This mystery must be revealed or uncovered.  The word ‘hid’ means to fully conceal from the sight.  The phrase ‘make known’ means to cause to understand.  If we know that Christ is in us let us be assured that flesh and blood did not reveal it to us but the Father in Heaven has made it known.

Let us remember what the indwelling presence of Christ will cause in us.  It causes the ‘hope of glory’.  The word ‘hope’ means to anticipate with expectation.  The word ‘glory’ is to know and see the weighty presence of God.  We have seen the evidence of His weighty presence in and around us on this pilgrim journey.  One day we anticipate with expectation to see Him in His glory, for we shall be one with the Son as He is with the Father.

In verse 25, Paul told us of the work of the ‘Minister’.  In verse 26 he told us of the ‘Mystery’ that God has shown unto us.  In verse 28 we are given three Avenues of Manifestation that Christ uses to get out this mystery. 

The first is the Avenue of the Evangelist warning every man.  The word ‘warn’ means to put in mind, to caution or reprove gently.  The next Avenue is that of a Teacher, teaching every man.  The word ‘teach’ means to help or cause to learn.  The last Avenue is that of a Pastor in the work of ‘perfecting’ every man.  The word ‘perfecting’ means to edify, build up, and bring to a place of maturity.

I thought that it was interesting that Paul used the phrase ‘every man’ three times in verse 28.  Oh, how our responsibility to tell of this great mystery extends in scope to every man.  It is God’s responsibility to uncover the mystery and make it known.  Ours is to but tell it.  The great truth of Christ in us caused Paul to strive and labor to get this message out.  (Verse 29)  Let us be found telling others of CHRIST IN US, the hope of glory.   

Let us be able to say with the songwriter,

‘I love to tell the story 'tis pleasant to repeat, What seems each time I tell it more wonderfully sweet.  I love to tell the story for some have never heard the message of salvation from God’s own Holy Word.’