Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #70
Posted: January 20, 2006

A Study of Positional Truths

We desire this week to study another fully packed IN CHRIST truth.  This one is found in the Colossians mine.  It is in Chapter 1, verse 19 mine shaft.  Paul says here, For it pleased the Father that IN HIM should all fullness dwell.” 

This text tells us the Father was ‘pleased’ for this to be.  The word ‘pleased’ means to think it well or very good.  The Father was pleased that ‘all fullness’ would ‘dwell’ in Christ.  The word ‘fullness’ is the sum total of the divine power and attributes of God.  All of God filled all of Christ.  The text tells us that all of God dwelt IN HIM.  The word ‘dwell’ means to be permanently at home in.  This fullness was not something added to His being that was not part of His natural person but a part of His permanent constitution.  He was full of God because He is God. 

In the context of verses 15-18 we are told of His fullness and its operations.  In verse 15 Paul sees Him as the Uncreated One. He is the image of the invisible God.  The word ‘image’ is the exact revelation.  Christ is the revelation of the unseen Father.  If you have seen Him you have seen the Father.  The word ‘firstborn’ means priority to all creation and sovereignty over all creation.  In order for one to be before all creation and over all creation He must have pre-existence and be the uncreated One.

The word ‘for’ in verse 16 means “because of.”  All that took place in creation was because of Him.  The phrase ‘by Him’ speaks not of the instrument but the location of creation.  IN HIM the creative act took place.  Surely He is the Unsearchable One.  All things find their existence IN HIM, things in heaven, earth, visible, invisible, thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers.  All things exist only because of Him.   This makes them depend on Him and serve Him until their end.  He controls all that He created.

In verse 17 we are confronted with Him as the Uniting One.  Paul tells us that He is ‘before’ all things. This speaks of His pre-existence.  Because of this, all things consist through Him.  The word ‘consist’ means to hold together or have coherence. If He ever steps out of this world, it will come apart.  

In verse 18 we see our Lord as the Unmovable One.  He that created the world is also the controller and head of the church.  The church finds its existence and being IN HIM.  He was the first fruits from the dead.  He was the first to die and arise to die no more.  He is the source of all resurrection power for the church.  This position caused him to claim the preeminence for Himself.  Our Lord is very jealous and self-centered.  The word ‘preeminence’ does not speak of as some has said of God wanting first place.  He has never wanted first place.  Remember, He is very much into Himself.  He wants all the places in our lives.  Do not think we can give Him first place and then a place to our wife, children, church, and job.  He wants all the places.  When He has all the places of our lives then will we be filled with the fullness of Him and say with the songwriter,

“I shall not be, I shall not be moved, Like a tree planted by the river, O I shall not be moved.”