Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #42
Posted: April 22, 2005

A Study of Positional Truths

We have found these Positional Truth texts have been little gold mines for us to dig in.  They have been an oasis in the desert for us to drink long upon.  The text before us of II Corinthians 2:14-17 is no different.  What nuggets and deep flowing water is in this passage.  Paul begins these truths by breaking out in thanks.  In verse 14 Paul says, “Now thanks be unto God which always causeth us to triumph in Christ and maketh manifest the savor of His knowledge by us in every place.”  The word ‘thanks’, means to act in a manner of gratitude.  It means to be gleefully cheerful.  Paul in pondering our position In Him has broken into some truths that have caused him to give thanks.  What are these truths?  What God has done for His children, Paul said, He has always done.   The word ‘always’ means everywhere and at all times.  That pretty well covers things for the child of God.  Paul said the Lord ‘…always ‘causeth’ us’.  The word ‘causeth’ means to make to happen or to bring into being.  What is it that God always causeth to happen for one In Him?  The text tells us he causes ‘triumph’.  The word ‘triumph’ means to make an acclamatory procession; a parade that makes a statement of conquest or victory.  It matters not the situation of what we are going through.  Before long our Lord will cause us to march in a parade of victory and celebration in that situation.  Why would the Lord do this for His children that are In Him by a divine New Birth? 

The flow from this conquering parade of victory Paul says will ‘…make manifest the savor of His knowledge by us in every place.’  The phrase ‘make manifest’ means to render apparent and make publicly clear.  The word ‘knowledge’ means the act of perceiving and understanding.  The word ‘savor’ is a fragrance, odor, or scent.  As the world sees us walking in a parade of victory in every situation caused by our blessed Lord, they will get a clear scent of heavens sweet rose and the lily of our valleys.  They may stop by, smell your life, and say ‘Where can I get some of that for my dark hour’? 

Paul tells us in verse 16 that this sweet smell of God’s presence will be to some a ‘savor of death’.  When they walk by, nose in the air, smelling after the world, this savor will seal their doom.  He said some will smell it and it will be a ‘savor of life’.  The Lord will use it to create the life from above in them. 

Paul asks the question in verse 16, ‘and who is sufficient for these things’?  The word ‘sufficient’ means fit, ample, or able for such a task.  When I think that our God wants to use us as His epistles to be read by men causing them to come to Him I stand amazed and with Paul say, ‘Who is fit for such a task’? 

Paul says in verse 17, ‘we are not those who corrupt the word, but speak it in sincerity’.  ‘Corrupt’ means to make a trade or market of.  The word ‘sincerity’ means tested by the sunlight.  Let us remember that all that we do for Him in a sweet smelling fragrance is done Coram Deo.  This phrase means, before His face.  Let us remember to guard our speech and scent, lest we give the wrong message.  Let us not give a message of defeat instead of triumph.  May it not be a message that says it is going to be a photo finish between good and evil, instead of a land slide victory determined before time began.  What a great responsibility has been afforded us because of being placed in Him.