Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #33
Posted: February 18, 2005

A Study of Positional Truths

In the text before us for our study this week we are provided with a practical application of Positional Truth.  The verse that stands out in Romans 13:11-14 is verse 14 that says, “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof.” 

In verse 11 we are given a warning about the need of ‘knowing the time’.  Paul tells us it is high time for us to awaken out of sleep.  We need to be watchful and not apathetic.  In telling us what time it is he says our salvation is nearer than it has ever been.  Salvation is spoken of by three tenses in the Bible.  There is the past tense of being saved from the penalty of sin.  There is the present tense of being saved from the power of sin.  There is the future tense of being saved from the presence of sin.  It is the third tense of being saved from the presence of sin that Paul speaks of as being so near.  It is right at the door.  When we realize that the third tense of salvation (saved from the presence of sin) is at the door we will want to strongly emphasis the second tense of salvation (being saved from the power of sin). 

Paul tells us the second tense would involve casting off the ‘works of darkness’ and ‘putting on the armor of light’. (Vs. 12)  In doing this we will put on the Lord Jesus Christ. (Vs. 14)  The phrase ‘cast off’ is a term of violent removal.  It is not a cuddling or soft dealing with sin that is implied.  We are to cast off the works of darkness.  The word ‘darkness’ is anything with a hint or shadow of obscurity.  If any thing comes along and has a hint of darkness Paul says because we are so close to the end, we must cast it off.  When we put something off we must replace it or the ‘putting off’ will be in vain. 

We are told to ‘put on the armor of light’ and the ‘Lord Jesus Christ’.  The phrase ‘put on’ means to clothe or to sink into a garment.  The word ‘armor’ is an offensive implement of war.  The word ‘light’ means to shine or manifest forth.  We are to put on that which is Christ like.  It is our only offensive weapon to shine forth to the world that we are Christians. (Christ like) 

We are told ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ walk in verse 13.  We are told to walk ‘honestly’ (in accord with, in line with, or in the likeness of).  We are told not to walk in ‘rioting and drunkenness’, ‘chambering and wantonness’, and ‘strife and envying’.  These terms when defined give us the most hideous of sins.  Oh to think that many, if not all, these sins lurk in the shadows of our depraved fallen nature.  They cry to be brought to the forefront and exhibited to the world through our living.

We are told in verse 14 that putting on Christ will prevent the flesh (the old me) from showing off its character and appetites (the lust thereof).  Let us be careful in our walk of what we put on and what we put off.  Let us allow the Holy Spirit through the Word of God to make us sensitive to anything that may bring us shame if brought to light at the judgment seat of Christ.