Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #30
Posted: January 28, 2005

A Study of Positional Truths

Paul uses the personal pronoun ‘us’ on several occasions to highlight our position in Christ.  A reflection on these texts will give us great insight into who we are in Christ. 

In Romans 8:26 Paul says, “The spirit maketh intercession for us…”  In verse 31 he says, “If God be for us who can be against us”.  In verse 32 Paul said that Christ died for us and will freely give us all things. 

Let me mention four great areas of study for these thoughts.  He was pierced for us, He is praying for us, He is protection for us, and He is providing for us. These truths at first glance are but simple truths.  If we look at them more closely we will find that they are simply profound.   


Paul tells us in verse 30 that ‘God spared not His son’.  The word ‘spared’ means to treat leniently, to hold back, or abstain from.  He delivered Him up for us all.  The word ‘delivered’ means to put in the place of.  It is much like our word substitute.  Do not fail to see the word ‘all’.  It refers to the ‘all’ of Romans Chapter 1 and verse 7 where Paul says, ‘to all that be in Rome called to be saints’.  Paul tells us that He was pierced for all the saints that were in Rome.  Oh, what joy for us to be numbered with the pierced Christ.   


Paul tells us in verse 26 that the Spirit helpeth our infirmities.  We don’t know how to or what to pray when in dire circumstances.  In these dark hours of unknown, the Spirit himself maketh groanings of intercession through us and for us.  The word ‘groanings’ means a loud sigh.  The word ‘intercession’ means to go to God on the behalf of another.  In verse 34 we find the Son died, arose, and sat down with the sole purpose of making intercession for us.  It is a blessing when some say, ‘I am praying for you’.  A gentleman told me the other night that He prays for me daily.  It is such a blessing but there is no comparison to God the Spirit and God the Son praying for us. 


In verse 31 the question is asked, ‘if God be for us, who can be against us?’  The word ‘be’ has the idea of a continual present tense.  He is ever for us.  The word ‘for’ carries the idea of in the place of, because of, or the reason behind.  It is a blessed thought to know that He is for us.  



Paul tells us in verse 32, that not only did He die for us, but He will also freely give us all things.  The word ‘freely’ has the idea with hands open and extended.  Our Lord desires to freely meet all our needs.

Dr. Donald Barnhouse, years ago preached some great and high truths on our position in Christ.  He said that there was a little red headed boy in the balcony that hung on to every word he said.  Dr. Barnhouse said that after the service he saw the little boy running toward him.  When the boy got to him, he darted behind him, pulled on his coat tail and said, ‘Doc, God sure has us sitting pretty, don’t He?’  May I pull on our coat tails today and remind us, God sure has us sitting pretty in Him.