Bro. Tom’s Weekly Bible Study
  Week #22
Posted: November 4, 2004

A Study of Positional Truths

We have for the last couple of weeks in our studies of Positional Truth looked at the results of being justified.  We have learned that because we have been declared righteous by God we have peace with God and access to God.  Oh, what great results.  This week we look at a third result of justification.  The result of having rest in our troubles, before God.  In Romans 5:3, Paul says, “And not only so, but we glory in tribulation also.” I would like to bring to our attention, three things about troubles: The Lineage To Trouble, The Lessons From Trouble, and The Leading Of Trouble.   


Job, the man who had a PHD degree in trouble said, “Yet, man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward”. (Job 5:7)  He also said, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.” (Job 14:2)  Trouble is a part of the lineage of life.  If your Mother was a woman, you are guaranteed to have trouble.  The songwriter had it right when he said, “Take the name of Jesus with you, Child of sorrow and of woe.”  We came from our Mother’s birth canal through a great push of pain.  The bones of our cranium were dislocated and the supply of oxygen cut off.  No wonder we let out a scream when we caught our first gasp of air.  We were born by pain and trouble into a world of pain and trouble, and we will leave this world through the sorrow of pain and trouble.  It is our lineage by the curse and fall of Adam.  We can bank on it.  We began with trouble, we will have trouble, and we will end with trouble.  Think it not strange when trouble comes.  Justification does not change the lineage of trouble, but it does show us the eternal purposes of a holy God who sends trouble to His redeemed children.


The word Paul uses in verse 3 for tribulation has several word pictures.  One picture is that it comes from the Latin word, ‘tribulum’ which was a threshing instrument to separate grain from chaff.  God will send trouble often to separate ‘professors’ from ‘possessors’.  The other picture is that of a wine press where the juice is taken out of the grapes.  God presses us through trouble to bring us into helpless weakness.  Paul said he learned, “…for when I am weak, then am I strong.” (II Corinthians 12:10)  We will only be driven to find Christ as our all when we are brought low by trouble.  When we have exhausted our strength, it is then that His strength begins. 


 The text in Romans 5 tells us that trouble is not the last leading of our development as a justified child of God.  It is the first in our development of being led to Christ likeness.  Paul said, “…that tribulation worketh patience…”  Patience is the word for endurance, the ability to lift it and walk on.  Our Lord puts on us not the heaviest of weights of trouble first, but the lighter.  The lighter builds and conditions us for the heavier.  Let us not whine at the sinus headache.  It will only cause us to fall apart when we are told that we have brain cancer.  He then says, “…patience worketh experience…”  The word experience means the proof of being tried and true.  We do not know if our trust in Christ is real until we experience trouble and we find that Christ is tried and true.  The experience ‘… worketh hope”.  The word hope is confident expectation.  The justified realize that tribulation is best for it gives us the confident expectation of one day seeing the ‘Man of Sorrows’ in Glory.  It is there we will rest in His likeness, justified fully through Calvary’s blood.