Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #12
Posted: August 19, 2004

A Study of Positional Truths

Let us continue this week digging in the rich mine of Positional Truth. This mine is called the book of Ephesians. Let us dig around in a couple of rich veins. Chapter 2, verses 21 and 22 say, In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord. In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the spirit.” 

Paul tells us that the grace work of being in Christ has made us saints in the household of God. (2:19) Prior to the grace work we were strangers and foreigners. (2:19) We had no rights or say so in this world. This world is dictated by Satan the god of this world. Our citizenship is now in heaven.

The Bible tells us that we have a sure foundation under us which is Jesus Christ. (2:20) We are told that the apostles (sent ones or the disciples) and the Old Testament prophets laid this foundation for us to build upon. Many religious groups claim to still have apostles and prophets. Why would we need them? They came in to lay the foundation.  Once I begin to come up with a house it would be foolish to keep foundation layers on the payroll. Paul says in verse 21 that we are a building in Christ.  This is a mystical building and a mighty force called THE CHURCH. The building on the corner, which calls itself a church, is not THE CHURCH. There may be people in that church who are a part of THE TRUE CHURCH. In our study verses we find principles of characteristic that describe THE TRUE CHURCH.    

It is a building ‘…fitly framed together…’ (2:21). The word “fitly” means to join together. The word framed means picked out ones. The church is the joining together of the picked out ones. 

Paul tells us that it is a living organism because it groweth (2:21). When most think of growth they think of numerical growth.  It is certainly good to have more in number.  Do not let that be your guide for seeing THE TRUE CHURCH.  Let us not despise the day of little things.  Jesus said. ‘fear not little flock’. In verse 21 He says it groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord. The word used for temple is the inner sanctuary. THE TRUE CHURCH is a people who are growing inwardly. They are taking on the holy likeness of Christ because of their position in the Lord. Holiness is not something we produce but it is something He reproduces by our being in Him. 

 Paul tells us in verse 22 that we as born again believers are the house of God. He says that we are ‘the habitation of God through the spirit’. God uses us to display him self and show forth His glory to the world. 

Today we have a church house on every corner and one starting in the middle of the block.  It seems that we are none the better spiritually. Oh, how we need THE TRUE CHURCH of God’s people to rise up and show off the one who lives in their inner sanctuary. Lord, thank you for making me your house and dwelling place.