Bro. Tom's Weekly Bible Study
  Week #1
Posted: May 27, 2004

A Study of Positional Truths

The great truth of being “in Christ” has for many years been my life’s message.  I would like to use this page to magnify these great positional truths of being “In Him”.

In order to enter into these Positional Truths called by some the Canaan Life, The Abiding Life, The Triumphant Life, one must die to their own self-life.  Let us now look at Galatians 2:22, where Paul makes the statement, “I am crucified with Christ…” the old me, the self-life, was crucified, this is a past action.  In Romans 6, Paul said, “…knowing this that our old man is crucified with him…” we see that this was a past action with continual present results.

Two thousand years ago when Christ died, my old nature, my old self, died with Him.  This truth, unless reckoned to be so, will continue to let the old man stand in our way of Christ living through us.  The flesh will give its thoughts and feelings on every subject.  If that does not work it will put on its holy garb and help us in the work of God, producing nothing but self-righteousness. 

Paul continued to say, “…nevertheless I live, yet not I…” It was a glad day when I realized that I could not live the Christian life.  It is not a life to be produced but a life to be reproduced by Him.  He is the only one to live the Christian life.

Paul said, “…but Christ liveth in me.”  This is the secret, Christ in me liveth.  The “eth” implies an on-going living.  The life I know live in the flesh is not my life, but Christ living His life in me and through me. 

This life, Paul says, is lived by His faith, constantly leaning all the weight on Him.  I am provoked to lean on Him because He loved me and gave Himself for me.

Do not try the crucifixion of self at home. It can be extremely messy and of no help.  Just enter into and enjoy what the Lord did to self on the cross so many years ago and walk in the newness of life.