Sermon Outlines/Illustrations

Simple Statements About Steadfastness
Matthew 14:22-23

The word "STEADFAST" is defined as: firmly fixed or established, constant, no ups or downs.

I. A Steadfast Attitude

A. Conflicting Attitude, Matt. 14:27 - From fear to cheer
B. Connecting Attitude, Matt. 14:27 - "It is I" bridges fear to cheer

II. A Steadfast Accomplishment

A. Worry Warts, Matt. 14:26 -  " is a spirit"
B. Water Walker, Matt. 14:29,33 - "..come" "...let us worship Him"

III. A Steadfast Awareness

A. Individual Awareness, Matt. 14:31 - Stretched out hand to little faith
B. Impotent Awareness, Matt. 14:31 - Reason for sinking and staying in the boat

Illustration: Many storms in life can be overcome by celebrating Christmas in the midst of our storms. The next time a storm is brewing, in your mind get out the Christmas tree, Manger scene, and Christmas songs and sing, O Come Let Us Adore Him, O Come Let Us Adore Him, O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the King.


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