Sermon Outlines/Illustrations

Simple Statements About Soul Winning
Matthew 28:18019, Mark 16:15

Proverbs 11:30 says, "He that winneth souls is wise."
If this be true, are we wise people or foolish people?

I. The Mandate of Soul Winning

A. Word of the Mandate, Matt. 28:10 & 19, "Go" in the gospel
B. Warmth in the Mandate, Matt. 28:10, "Go tell my brethren..."
C. World of the Mandate, Mark 16:15

II. The Mystery of Soul Winning

A. Fishing Mystery, Matt. 4:19
B. Doctoring Mystery, Matt. 9:10-12
C. Gardening Mystery, Matt. 13:24

III. The Methods of Soul Winning

A. Preaching Effectually, John 1:35-37
B. Private Encounters, John 1:43
C. Personal Evangelism, John 1:40, 42, and 45

Illustration:  William Kimble was a very introverted and backward man who gave the word of witness that was used to convert D.L. Moody. Moody became friends with F. B. Meyers which led to the conversion of Wilber Chapman, Billy Sunday and Billy Graham. My, my, what just a word can accomplish.



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